Healing Diet

Eggs in acute and chronic pancreatitis: raw, boiled, quail

The nature of the disease caused by inflammation of the pancreas, causes patients to be very careful and thoughtful about their diet, so as not to provoke a complication.

Bread for pancreatitis: black, white, rye, with bran

Bread is a strategic product for any nation. The history of our people contains the sad fact of mass starvation in the 32-33 years of the last century.

Salt-free diet for weight loss: the benefits and harm

Most often salt-free diet is used for medicinal purposes under strict medical indications. But in some cases, this diet is used for the purpose of losing weight. The temporary rejection of salt reduces the burden on the kidneys, liver, heart and blood vessels.

Healthy teas for gastritis: green, black, with milk, honey and lemon

Gastritis is a real scourge of our time. Stress, an abundance of junk food, snacking in a hurry, bad habits - these are just some of the factors contributing to their development.

Herbal teas for gastritis: monastic, chamomile, with mint, rosehip

Only a specialist can determine the method and dose of herbal tea for gastritis, colds, metabolic disorders and other problems.

Milk with pancreatitis: goat, oatmeal, soybean, coconut

The diet of most people contains certain types of dairy products. There are many such products, and they are quite diverse - they contain not only valuable protein, but also calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, necessary for the normal functioning of the body.

Food from diarrhea

A dish that has a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract is porridge. Very often it is used as a basis of therapeutic nutrition for many diseases. No less useful porridge and diarrhea, consider the most effective

Nutrition and diet for hair loss in women

One of the most common causes of hair loss in women, the appearance of fragility and tarnishing ringlets - these are the limitations in nutrition. Different diets deprive the body of the useful components that are necessary for the normal growth of the hair follicle.

Nutrition and diet for thrush in men

Thrush in men - a disease that is rare, nevertheless, requires effort to get rid of it. Thrush significantly limits the viability of a man and requires treatment.


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