Healing Diet

Methods of therapeutic fasting

We have already noted that treatment by hunger is actually not a new topic. The mention of this practice we find in the works of the ancient sages who were engaged in science and medicine. To assert that the ancient Greek scientists turned to fasting as a healing procedure, we can on the basis of artifacts that have reached us.

Dry medical fasting for Filonov

Fasting without water seems so unnatural to many that it is hard to believe that doctors of traditional medicine can support this practice. In fact, there are such. These are Sergey Ivanovich Filonov (the author of the book “The Treatment of the Body with His Own Means), who developed his own method of fractional dry starvation.

Medical fasting for Suvorin

Alexei Alekseevich Suvorin, a Russian emigrant, followed the long-term method of fasting (until the language was completely cleansed). He also did not have a medical education (he was a historian and philologist), but he was fascinated by various methods of improving the human body, many of which, by the way, he tested on himself.

Therapeutic fasting for Breis

Somewhat reminiscent of the medical starvation system is Marwe Oganyan and the method of treatment for hunger of cancer and many other serious diseases of the Austrian naturopath doctor Rudolf Broys.

Medical Fasting for Marva Oganyan

Marva Vagarshakovna Oganyan - naturopathic doctor from Armenia, who has devoted 45 years of her life to medicine. It can be called a living testimony of the benefits of therapeutic starvation, because today Marve Ohanian is 83 years old, and she is still cheerful and full of vitality.

Is it safe for everyone to starve?

Today it has become fashionable to practice fasting days, go on diets, resort to fasting for different periods. But fashion is a cruel thing, it does not have an individual approach to everyone, when the features of the human body, its constitution, the presence of diseases and so on are taken into account.

Bregg's medical fasting

The idea of therapeutic fasting, which originated in ancient times, gradually penetrated into various corners of our planet. So in the USA this idea was imbued with an American leader, a naturopath, a showman, and in general a very positive person, Paul Bragg.

Medical fasting across Nikolaev

From the point of view of Yu.S. Nikolayev, “there is only one" disease "- the result of ignoring or ignorance of the laws of nature, in this case the laws of nutrition and starvation, of this single, dialectically interrelated process.

Types of medical fasting and its stages

The choice of the type of RTD and the duration of fasting is a very important point, which depends on many factors. At the same time, the diagnosis, although it is considered the decisive factor in prescribing treatment, is in fact only a starting point, because each person’s body has its own characteristics and that which helps one patient may negatively affect the state of another.

Medical fasting: benefits, indications for use

Fasting is the word today on the lips of many. Someone pays tribute to fashion, arguing that today’s waist waistline is again relevant, while others are seriously thinking about the possibility of improving their health by abandoning their usual diet.


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