Healing Diet

Nutrition and diet for varicose veins

When varicose veins occur, treatment is necessarily associated with a special diet, which is called non-saline. Restrictions on fluid intake are introduced.

Diet for fibromyalgia

The diet for fibromyalgia differs from the usual eating habits of eating healthy food. Dietary diet improves the quality of life of a person suffering from fibromyalgia.

Diet against stress: the golden rules of choice

What kind of food does a person need to avoid stress from lack of vitamins?

Interesting facts about the diet for the blood group

On the diet for the blood group, there are many reviews - both positive (I've lost weight!), And negative (She does not categorically suit me!)

Diet # 2: Why is it so effective?

It's time to talk about a diet that really helps to get rid of excess weight - this is diet number 2.

Diet №2: Essence and diet

A diet with a symbolic name diet number 2, and also called "table number 2", is perceived as one of the few 15 popular diets.

Diet №5 or Pevzner's diet

The mysterious name diet № 5 was invented and put into circulation by dietician Mikhail Pevzner


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