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Therapeutic diets

Диета №6 и 7 для почек у женщин и мужчин

With kidney disease, you must always follow a diet, only so you can be cured. Without adherence to a diet, no treatment will be effective. Diet for the kidneys significantly increases the effect of prescribed medications. It is created by a nutritionist for each patient individually.

Каши при панкреатите: манная, овсяная, пшенная, рисовая, пшеничная, гречневая

Pancreatitis is one of the most serious and quite common diseases of the digestive system. And one of the important points in the therapy of such pathologies is the observance of the diet.

Мед при остром, хроническом панкреатите и обострении: полезен ли и какой можно?

With diseases of the digestive system - in particular, with pancreatitis, the key to successful treatment is diet. Such a diet should be quite strict, so often patients have many questions about the possibility of using a particular product.

Как снизить холестерин в крови без лекарств?

The presence of this substance in the human body is predetermined by nature. It refers to the fatty spirits needed by the human body. Cholesterol or cholesterol makes cell membranes, nerve and vascular membranes strong, if necessary, restoring defects

Чаи при панкреатите: зеленый, монастырский, травяной, черный

Therapy of acute pancreatitis or chronic exacerbation often begins with curative fasting. During this period the patient is allowed to drink. So, can you drink tea with pancreatitis? It is possible and necessary.

Соки при панкреатите: свежевыжатые, овощные, фруктовые

Pancreatitis is an inflammation of the pancreas, which is an important organ in the human body. Its functions include providing digestion, energy metabolism, etc. Its enzymes promote the digestion of proteins, carbohydrates, fats in the intestine.

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