Healing Diet

Dietary table №1 with gastritis and gastric ulcer

The word "diet" implies certain rules for the consumption of food: culinary processing, the physico-chemical properties of foods, the frequency of food and the intervals between them. Diet can be rational and therapeutic.

Dietary table number 10: list of permitted and prohibited foods, recipes

Variants of a dietary table №10 is intended for patients with problems of heart and blood vessels.

Diet to restore the body

In what cases does it become necessary to restore the body? When a certain organ fails, the state of health, skin and hair condition worsens, pains are disturbed, eating habits are disrupted

Diet №7 for children, adults and pregnant women

The numbering of diets, invented by the scientist M. Pevzner, sparing food for kidney diseases, appropriated the lucky seventh number.

Soup with pancreatitis: vegetable, mucous, vegetarian, fish

Treatment of any disease of the digestive system requires strict adherence to the diet. Otherwise, no medication, and no procedure will not be effective.

Diet for skin against acne

She recommends excluding harmful food for the skin, and from useful products to prepare delicious and full-fledged dishes for every day.

Diet table number 3: what can and can not be

Therapeutic methods of nutrition, created in the middle of the last century, have not lost their relevance in our days. For convenience, they are numbered and called "tables".

Periodic fasting

There is a theory that prolonging the first stage and cutting the second, the person strengthens his health, more successfully fights against illnesses, stabilizes weight.

Therapeutic starvation in Nikolaev at home

Therapeutic starvation is fundamentally different from the newfangled diets - both theoretical reasonableness and benefit, repeatedly proven in practice. There are a lot of methods of medical-unloading diets, starvation by Nikolaev is one of the most popular.

Therapeutic diet for the kidneys

Diet can enhance the positive effects of medicines. It is developed for each patient individually, taking into account anamnesis. Self-selecting a diet can not.


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