Healing Diet

Water in water starvation: distilled, live, mineral, soda, coconut

In addition to well, spring or water for therapeutic water starvation, distilled, melted, rain, boiled water without any additives will do.

Methods of fasting on water

Hungry diets are one of the methods of alternative medicine. There are two fundamentally different methods of starvation: dry and water. At the first, the hungry does not eat or drink, at the second meal is excluded, and water is allowed in unlimited quantities.

Correct starvation on water for weight loss: rules, exit

The deciding factor is the duration of fasting. In some people, prolonged starvation later becomes a way of life.

Therapeutic starvation on the water for 1, 3, 7, 10, 21, 40 days

Fasting on the water refers to health-improving diets, when all food is banned, and water is allowed in sufficient quantities. It can be practiced on a cascade basis, that is, combine with long periods of normal nutrition.

Flax seeds with atrophic, erosive gastritis, with high acidity

Flax seeds firmly took their position in the treatment of gastritis. The gastroenterologist, along with the medicamental treatment, appoints a decoction of flax seed as an auxiliary. This is due to its healing properties, the ability to envelop and protect the gastric mucosa, to repair damaged cells.

Kefir with chronic, erosive and atrophic gastritis

Kefir is a famous and many favorite milk drink. Get it by fermenting milk, created with the help of microorganisms. About two dozen of them are involved in obtaining the product. It is divided into one, two and three days.

Cheese in acute and chronic pancreatitis: allowed varieties

Diseases associated with the digestive organs require careful treatment of their diet, choice of foods and the way they are cooked. Pancreatitis is a pathology of the pancreas, the organ directly responsible for digesting food.

Diet with hernia of the esophagus: a menu for every day, recipes

After we were able to evaluate the whole benefit of the diet with a hernia of the esophagus and figured out the features of dietary nutrition before and after the operation in connection with this pathology, we can say that it's time to try to make a dietary menu for at least a week.

Diet in the hernia of the esophagus

Is all this possible with the help of a single correction of nutrition? Everything depends on the stage of the disease. Initially, the disease is the main method of treatment, and then acts as an auxiliary, helping to reduce the dosage of the drugs taken and the frequency with which they are taken.


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