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Obviously, counting on a significant change in weight in one day is not realistic. Nevertheless, having missed even one meal, we feel that the stomach has tightened somewhat, and lightness has appeared. Many people, arranging fasting days, feel much better, so they turn this tradition into their way of life. A 1-day diet can be a good start for other, longer and more effective weight loss strategies. [1]


When should you resort to a one-day diet for weight loss? Indications for its implementation may be:

  • elimination of puffiness;
  • interruptions in the work of the intestines;
  • overeating the day before;
  • culture and traditions of proper nutrition;
  • preparation for an important event.

In fact, this is the same fasting diet for 1 day.

General information of the diets for 1 day

There are many options for a one-day diet, there is plenty to choose from based on your preferences, characteristics and health conditions. The promise of "diet for 1 day minus a kilogram" is real, it is quite possible to lose 2 kg, but 3 or 5 is more like a publicity stunt.

Here is the essence of individual diets for 1 day:

  • protein diet - based on the fact that fats and carbohydrates are excluded from the diet. Without getting them from food, the body uses its own fat reserves. Protein includes foods rich in protein. They are saturated with meat, fish, sea and dairy products, eggs.

Vegetable proteins are rich in beans, soybeans, lentils, sunflower seeds, millet, walnuts, buckwheat.

An example of such a day would be:

  1. meat - 400g of boiled lean meat is divided into 6 receptions, it is allowed to eat 250g of raw or boiled vegetables, excluding potatoes;
  2. diet on eggs - 3 pieces a day in combination with the same amount of oranges or grapefruits start metabolic processes in the body, cleanse the intestines. Before using them, be sure to drink a glass of water or green tea;
  • drinking diet  - only liquid is consumed, it is believed that in this case the body does not store extra calories. You can spend a day only on plain water, drinking up to 2 liters a day, green tea, or choose another product and eat it in a crushed liquid form, for example, make juices from fruits, and smoothies from vegetables;
  • kefir diet  is a kind of drinking. You will need 1.5 liters of fresh kefir with a shelf life of 7-10 days. Fat content should not be high (0%, 1%, maximum 2.5%). You can use another low-calorie dairy product: yogurt, koumiss, fermented baked milk. Every 3 hours, starting at 8 am, drink a glass of the drink, at the same time drink water or tea in the same volume.

It is permissible to add cinnamon, a little honey, grated ginger to kefir. Kefir-apple fasting days are popular, when a liter of kefir is drunk per day and a kilogram of apples is eaten. An excellent result is obtained with kefir with bran (2 tablespoons per liter). Shake well before pouring;

  • buckwheat diet  - it is quite easy to withstand 1 day of buckwheat diet. In the evening, you need to steam 200 g of cereal with boiling water. This is done in a saucepan with a tight lid or a thermos without adding salt. Eat during the day in 5 meals, leafy vegetables are also allowed;
  • the chocolate diet  is a bonus for those with a sweet tooth. What you have to constantly deny yourself, you can eat all day. Do not rush to rejoice, because the daily allowance is only 100g. At a time, it is permissible to eat a third of it, washed down with a cup of unsweetened coffee, which accelerates the metabolism, and after 2 hours you can also water;
  • apple diet - involves eating only apples. Fresh fruit enhances the secretion of gastric juice, which is not always acceptable due to problems of the gastrointestinal tract, and also increases appetite. The best way to unload yourself is to eat peeled baked apples. You will need 1.5 kg per day, they should be divided into 5 servings;
  • rice diet  - it does not allow you to feel hunger, cleanses the blood well, normalizes digestion. Rice is boiled in water, the daily rate is a glass of ready-made. It is divided into several receptions, in between - a drink;
  • model diet - rigid, involving significant calorie restrictions. What can you eat in order to tighten and prepare your form for a fashion show or other important events in a day?

Fatty high-calorie foods, sweets, confectionery, flour products, spicy, salty foods, alcohol, carbonated drinks are excluded. You need to give preference to raw vegetables, fruits, drink a lot. In order not to suffer from constant hunger, you should eat a little, but often. [2]

Dish recipes

The daily diet does not involve a large selection of products and special recipes. But on the eve, you need a light dinner, and for a proper exit from it, at least 2-3 days of dietary nutrition. What can you cook at this time?

In the evening before fasting day, it is best to eat liquid food, such as vegetarian soup. For this, chopped carrots, zucchini, broccoli, cauliflower, onions are boiled in water, fresh tomatoes are used for flavor contrast. After boiling, add salt, add a small piece of butter, bring to readiness. You can eat this way or puree with a blender.

It's a good idea to eat oatmeal in the water with diced apples in the evening. After the diet, you can also start the day with it. It is good for the first time to cook soup in weak chicken broth with rice: pour the chicken meat with water and boil, drain the first broth, pour over again, cook for 20-30 minutes. Throw in the potatoes, carrots, and finely chopped onions. 10 minutes before cooking, put the washed rice.

Cut lean meat (fillet of veal, turkey, chicken) into strips, put in a saucepan, put chopped onion, bell pepper, tomato, a little water there. Simmer over low heat. You can refuse the side dish in favor of raw vegetables or salads from them. Do not forget about drinking plenty of fluids.


Nutritionists say that the concept of "proper nutrition" includes not only the consumption of healthy foods, their balance, but also periodic refusal to eat or a significant reduction in calories consumed for a short period. The benefits of a 1-day diet are to give the digestive system a rest, start metabolic processes with renewed vigor, get rid of toxins and other waste products, and help yourself switch to smaller portions of food. [3]


People with weakened immunity, diabetes mellitus, exacerbations of various pathologies are contraindicated in any diet, unless this is the treatment. A diet on apples and kefir is not suitable for patients with gastritis with high acidity, pancreatitis. [4]

Possible risks

A short-term diet does not carry any particular health risks, unless contraindications are ignored. Possible complications are associated with the body's reaction to the foods on which it is based, as well as weakness, loss of concentration, headaches. [5]


The 1-day diet is quite popular not only among women, but also among men. Many, according to reviews, so get in shape after a hearty meal during feasts or preparing for them.


The effectiveness of the 1-day diet consists in unloading the body, a faster feeling of satiety, which leads to a decrease in portions in the future, as well as slight weight loss.

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