Cleansing the body according to Ostrovsky

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Last reviewed: 16.10.2021

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Among all kinds of methods, cleansing of the body according to Ostrovsky has recently been gaining popularity. The author describes his recommendations in books. According to official doctors and some patients, the technique is controversial. Others believe that they were helped by the advice and recipes of a person who is called a healer and other respectable titles on the network. Is the trust that Internet patients have in the teaching of V. Ostrovsky justified?

Cleansing the body with the gifts of nature

Vitaly Ostrovsky is an active promoter of a healthy lifestyle in harmony with nature and according to its laws. What is especially important in our time of stress, malnutrition, lack of spirituality. The herbalist and healer claims that any illness is a consequence of eating inadequate foods, focuses on church fasts, prayers and good deeds, following the example of the biblical prophets and sages. After all, real fasting consists not only in the use of raw vegetables and bitter herbs, but in a combination of these actions, leading a person away from evil, ensuring spiritual and physical harmony.

The author called his book "Purification of the body by the gifts of nature." This is a guide for self-healing - with the help of the gifts of nature and the internal reserves of the human body. The creator of the method of cleansing the body according to Ostrovsky claims that everyone's blood contains all the drugs against all pathogens. The task of everyone is to “create” such blood for themselves so that it can protect the body from any parasites, increase immunity, and remove poisons that block human life support.

V. Ostrovsky offers new methods for the treatment of female and male pathologies, in particular, soda-wormwood applications, comfortable treatment of various organs with a decoction of unrefined oats infused with silver. The information on a delicate topic is described - about worms and measures to combat them, with methods and examples of healing. It is not necessary to use a well-known remedy - pumpkin seeds; it is better to drink a cocktail made from seeds and oat broth.

V. Ostrovsky talks about seemingly well-known things - healthy eating that helps to eliminate all sorts of problems. 10 copyright formulas are designed to answer questions, prevent many diseases.

Body cleansing recipes

The book contains recipes for cleansing the body, individual organs and systems, methods of treatment and nutrition for various diseases. A whole section is devoted to the compatibility of products depending on the chemical structure and acidity, offers tips for separate nutrition. In particular, it is not recommended to take in one meal:

  • carbohydrate and acidic;
  • proteins with carbohydrates;
  • fats with proteins;
  • starch and sugar;
  • watermelon, melon with the rest of the products;
  • milk.

The healer recommends flushing the nostrils and sinuses not only for sinusitis and flu, but also for stroke and oncology. Meals during cleaning are exclusively raw vegetables. The author of the book suggests a daily menu for chronic pathologies. Step by step describes the procedure for cleansing the intestines with a soda-wormwood enema. According to the author, it eliminates parasites, nourishes and renews the intestines, and empties the gallbladder.

The book describes the ways of using garlic, golden root, celandine, horseradish for the treatment of serious diseases, including tuberculosis, liver cancer. He considers parasites to be the main cause of ill health, and even those diseases that are caused by completely different factors.

However, the website of V. Ostrovsky published a warning that all the information is provided for informational purposes, and the practices and recipes indicated in the videos should be applied in consultation with a doctor who knows your problems and monitors your health.


The responses provided by the author express gratitude to the people who follow his advice and do the cleansing of the body according to Ostrovsky. I would like to believe that they were really helped by some strange advice and recipes, along with fasting and prayer, which, of course, always strengthen the efforts of real doctors.

However, not all Internet visitors are trusted by the "member of the UN Academy" filming a video in the home kitchen. The high price for books sold on the Internet is also surprising. Many openly call him a charlatan, an illiterate and irresponsible person who has taken up his own business and has no right to give such advice.

Alternative medicine has a right to be, and in the words of V. Ostrovsky there is undoubtedly a grain of truth. And people in critical situations are ready to knock on all doors, especially if the problem concerns health. After listening to the feedback and advice of other people, everyone should personally make the decision regarding the choice of a doctor and the method of treatment.

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