Diet with astrocytoma

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Last reviewed: 09.06.2022

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Brain astrocytoma is a tumor that is prone to rapid and lightning growth, therefore, it should not be left without attention. Today, effective methods have been developed for the treatment of this disease, but oncology (and most astrocytomas quickly go over cancer) is not just a disease, it is a special way of life in which treatment and special nutrition should be logically combined.

Yes, modern studies have shown that some features of the patient's nutrition may enhance the positive result of treatment. [1], [2], [3]  A balanced diet, in which fat should be 4 times more than carbohydrates, helps to slow down the growth of the tumor.[4]

Previously, this food, called the ketone diet, was effectively used in the treatment of epilepsy in children. [5], [6]With the advent of anticonvulsants, the diet has somewhat lost its value in epilepsy, but in recent years it has been actively used in the treatment of glioblastoma and other malignant tumors as part of adjuvant metabolic therapy.

The ketone diet, as a low-carb dietary option, causes the body to use fats as a source of energy, which, when carbohydrates are low, are metabolized in the liver to fatty acids and ketone bodies. The latter, with glucose deficiency, are used by the brain as the main source of nutrition.[7]

Glial cancer cells cannot fully utilize ketone bodies, and after all, large amounts of energy are needed for tumor growth. Glucose, which was previously used for the needs of the tumor, is now present in insufficient quantities, and ketones cannot replace it. It turns out that the patient's body has a complete source of energy (fats), but the tumor does not have it. In this way, it is possible to avoid anorexia, maintain the vitality of a person (there is a moderate amount of protein in the diet, essential vitamins and minerals) and at the same time create unsuitable conditions for tumor growth.

It is clear that it is impossible to cure glioblastoma or any other malignant tumor with the help of diet alone, but if a modified diet complements the therapy being carried out, this will make it possible to prolong the patient’s life and somewhat improve its quality.

It is believed that the ketone diet stops the multiplication of tumor cells, helps cleanse the body of toxic products of tumor breakdown, normalizes blood counts, supports immunity and gives the patient the strength to fight the disease. The same diet can be prescribed to patients with epileptic seizures.

As with any diet, feeding on astrocytoma of the brain implies an adaptation period. Do not immediately abandon carbohydrates in the hope of a quick result. It is necessary to get used to a new diet gradually, in order not to injure your body, which is weakened by the disease.

Food should be as healthy as possible and preferably without synthetic additives that can reduce all efforts to "no." A high amount of fat in the diet implies the consumption of vegetable fat. These are mainly natural unrefined vegetable oils that are added to various dishes. Nuts and legumes are also considered a useful product for cancer.

Animal fats are not the best nutritional option for cancer, but this does not mean that you need to give up meat, as a complete source of protein, fish, poultry, eggs, cheese. These products are the optimal combination of fats and proteins for the ketone diet.

The necessary content of carbohydrates, vitamins and trace elements is provided by vegetables, fruits, and greens. The only condition is the choice of vegetables with low carbohydrate content (mainly salad vegetables). Fruits and berries, even those that are high in sugar, usually do not have a high calorie content, but they contain a lot of fiber, inhibiting the absorption of carbohydrates in the intestines. This means that they do not pose a danger to cancer patients, but help to provide the body with nutrients. You can also use vegetable and fruit juices, but not store, to which sugar is added, and often preservatives.

About juices in cancer is a special conversation. The idea that only juices can be consumed and the astrocytoma goes away is not supported by doctors. But the people believe in the healing power of beet [8], citrus and some other types of juice in relation to cancer. And since juices are not prohibited by the ketone diet, then why not check their true power. Moreover, the antitumor effect of citrus juices and their extracts has been proven, so they can be used as an aid in modern oncological therapy.[9]

So, we figured out what products can be included in the diet with astrocytoma of the brain, but do not know yet what you can not eat in this pathology. Sugar, bread and flour, pasta, high-carb vegetables, sweets are products whose consumption should be kept to a minimum. Canned food, fast food, mayonnaise, ketchup and any other products containing unnatural preservatives, chemical dyes, flavor enhancers should also be removed from the diet. Food should be as natural and healthy as possible.

The ketone diet, despite its usefulness, is considered a rather dangerous experiment on your body, so you shouldn’t run to it without consulting your doctor. The specialist will tell you what the patient's menu should be, what products must be included in the diet to avoid the side effects of a low-carb diet.

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