Types of pain

Muscle pain after exercise

The pain in the muscles after training can be a definite pleasure, indicating that the session was successful and effective, and can serve as the first and obvious sign of the resulting stretching or trauma, excessive muscular overload, which in the future will become the base for the development of a number of different diseases.

Pain in the injection site

Pain at the injection site is not uncommon. It is not difficult to cope with the problem, only a few things should be considered: if there is a pronounced edema at the site of the injection, hyperemia, the pain is of a pulsating nature, - immediately seek help from a surgeon.

Radicular pain

Radicular pain has its own specific manifestation, which alleviates, in many cases, the diagnosis already at the stage of pain syndrome description. The nerve, leaving the spinal cord, is sent to the final destination point, and each nerve has its own.

Night pain

Night pain can become a nightmare for everyone, because in a dream we want to rest from daily day problems, to plunge into the world of dreams, and not wake up with a cry in the middle of the night. Sometimes we even manage to get rid of discomfort with a few hours of healing sleep.

Pain of the skin

Very often we call illnesses wrong, we do not properly identify sick organs and, most importantly, quite often we do not really know what exactly hurts. Here is an example. Rarely can anyone tell a boil from a carbuncle at home. Since they cause skin pain, then, for most of us, these two diseases are classified as skin, therefore, the skin itself hurts.

Neuralgic pain

Neuralgic pain refers to, perhaps, the most unpleasant types of pain. Sudden and sudden, she can comprehend you at any moment and take a few minutes. The worst thing in this situation is that the standard painkillers will not ease the patient's condition.

Pain in the bones

Bone pain is one of the most debilitating side effects of various diseases - from osteoarthrosis to cancer, or the result of trauma. Each of these diseases has its own symptoms and causes, and each requires immediate medical attention.

Toothache during pregnancy

Approximately up to 75% of pregnant women suffer from gum disease, teeth and toothache.

Stomach pain

Gastric pain is a serious problem for serious and non-serious diseases and disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. Doctors will help determine the specific causes of pain in the stomach by exclusion, or put a differential diagnosis. The next step is the development of a treatment plan.


The definition of "toothache" usually refers to pain in the teeth or jaws - primarily as a result of the condition of the teeth.
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