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Toothache during pregnancy

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Approximately up to 75% of pregnant women suffer from gum disease, teeth and toothache. Often it is caused by inflammation of the gums and soft tissue in the cavity of the tooth - the pulp. Because of the many hormonal changes that occur in the body during pregnancy, a woman can experience severe toothache that occurs during this period. There are safe and effective methods of self-help with toothache, which will ensure its natural relief.

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Causes of toothache during pregnancy

It is not uncommon for a woman to suffer from toothache during pregnancy. Because of the increased susceptibility of the body to pain and hormonal changes in the body, women are more prone to pain during different stages of pregnancy. In the past it was impossible for dentists to identify the causes of toothache during pregnancy and their effective treatment because not all preparations were taken equally well for pregnant women. Diagnosis was also hampered by the lack of modern dental equipment. Today, it is possible to effectively facilitate the procedures for dentistry, which professional dentists provide for pregnant women.

If you suffer from toothache during pregnancy, you should make an appointment with the dentist to find the source of your toothache. Do not forget to tell the doctor that you are pregnant so that he can take this into account.

Toothache in pregnant women with calcium deficiency

Often a toothache in pregnant women is caused by a lack of calcium. The child requires a lot of calcium, because it develops bones and teeth, and a pregnant mother consumes calcium insufficiently. It can weaken the teeth of a pregnant woman and lead to toothache.

Therefore, you need to include in the diet more products with calcium in the composition - kefir, cottage cheese, milk, ryazhenka, sour cream. And use toothpastes with calcium.

Most types of toothache are caused by pain in the gums, which can be inflamed or infected. It can be very painful if you do not treat toothache.

Pain, bleeding, or infection of the gums

If you suffer from pain, bleeding, or infected gums, alternative remedies for toothache will help to eliminate these problems and provide relief from toothache.

Rinsing the mouth with warm salt water can help remove bacteria from the mouth, disinfect the gums and teeth. Repeat this process regularly (every hour) so that bacteria do not multiply. Also make sure that you use the floss and floss regularly and regularly, as well as with a soft toothbrush.

You also need to analyze which mouthwash to use. Many of the major manufacturers of toothpaste or mouth fluid contain potentially harmful chemicals (such as alcohol or sodium sulfate-lauryl sulfate). These are chemicals that irritate the gums and give the allergic reactions of the whole organism.

Therefore, consider that it is toothpaste or mouthwash that can cause gum disease and tooth enamel destruction (caries). Use organic toothpastes with peppermint, tea tree or almond oil instead of hazardous chemicals.

Toothache during pregnancy due to holes in the tooth

Pregnant women are more susceptible to toothache and pain in the gums, as well as their inflammation than other people. If you think that you do not need a visit to the dentist with a hole in the tooth, you need to prevent the toothache with home remedies. Use warm salt water to eliminate bacteria in the gums and mouth cavity, and with toothache you can use ice to provide temporary relief.

Clove oil and peppermint leaves can provide relief for a toothache in a pregnant woman. In addition, with untreated teeth, you should use a soft toothbrush and a thread to use regularly. Of course, this will not be enough. It is necessary to consult a doctor and put modern seals from environmentally friendly materials, otherwise the hole in the tooth will increase, and the enamel will break down further.

Toothache in pregnant women due to sinus inflammation

Many pregnant women suffer from toothache when they have sinusitis - an inflammation of the nasal sinuses. Pain gives in the jaw, and the woman thinks that the reason for her toothache is teeth. But this is far from the case. To relieve toothache and sinusitis, you can put on a nasal area a hot towel or a hot egg - or a bag of hot sand. This will help eliminate the liquid from the sinuses of the nose and pain in the teeth.

Tea with honey, ginger and lemon can also bring relief from toothache in pregnant women. These 3 ingredients are natural antibacterial agents that kill harmful bacteria and return the gum, teeth and mouth to a normal, healthy condition.

You can also use a sage to rinse the mouth. Take dry or fresh sage leaves, pour them with boiling water for a few minutes. It will be a very good infusion for rinsing and relieving pain. Peppermint leaves also provide excellent relief of pain and can help a pregnant woman. Use mint infusion as a mouth rinse several times during the day (every hour). Do not swallow the infusion, but spit it out when you finish rinsing.

How to relieve toothache during pregnancy?

Onions and garlic for relief of toothache

To eliminate toothache in a pregnant woman, you can also attach a piece of onion or garlic to the tooth that hurts. In onions, there are very powerful substances - phytoncides, which are very good for eliminating pathogenic bacteria. When applied to the affected areas of the tooth, pieces of onions can even help with the healing process.

If you are in an extremely painful condition, you can simply put onions or garlic directly on the diseased tooth. And you can chew a piece of onion or garlic, if you are able to chew - this will help to release the antiseptic nutrients contained in them, and they will bring you relief from toothache. Garlic and onions help even with severe toothache during pregnancy, they are very effective, and besides do not pose any danger to your child. Although your husband may not want to kiss you for a while.

Salt - a natural antiseptic for pregnant women

There is another very good natural option of getting rid of toothache during pregnancy. Mix a teaspoon of salt with a cup of warm water and rinse the oral cavity with this solution. Just like garlic and onions, salt very well kills bacteria and eliminates infections. If you rinse the oral cavity for a minute or less, the toothache will miraculously diminish. It seems too simple, but alternative remedies can really work miracles and stop pain in less than half an hour.

Other remedies for getting pregnant from toothache

Remember, when you are concerned about toothache during pregnancy, the remedies that you use at home can be ineffective. But the dentist will help you to choose more effective drugs. You do not want to experiment with your child's health, so it's best to choose the safest means. A good dentist can advise a pregnant woman on an effective way to get rid of toothache with the help of modern medical products - pastes, gels or effective treatment in several stages.

Pay attention, young moms: this information is intended only for reference, so before using any of these methods, for an accurate diagnosis of your problems and getting rid of toothache during pregnancy, contact a practicing dentist.

Lifestyle with pain in the teeth during pregnancy

If you constantly suffer from gum disease, you should pay attention to your lifestyle. Stress, smoking and drinking alcohol can cause serious problems with teeth in pregnant women. If possible, avoid these situations.

Diet with toothache

Try also to apply a diet with a high content of vegetables and fruits (vitamin C, which they contain, will help treat gum disease). Processed food and fats should also be in the diet of a pregnant woman, but in fairly small quantities. Raw vegetables and fruits not only provide the body with the necessary nutrients, but also enable the child to grow and develop rapidly.

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