Types of pain

How does muscle pain manifest?

Symptoms of muscle pain are extremely difficult to differentiate by species and to classify for etiological reasons. Even in the definition of myalgia is still not a single opinion, it is often replaced by diagnostic names - fibromyositis, fibromyalgia, myositis and so on.

Treatment of muscle pain

Treatment of muscle pain always depends on the identified cause, type of disease. However, most often painful muscle symptoms are caused by myofascial syndrome, whose therapy is difficult.

Pain after sex

Pain in the process of sexual interaction is not just an irritating, uncomfortable factor, it can become a signal of a serious inflammatory process, the pathology of the organs of the male or female sexual sphere, besides the pain after sex is one of the causes of disharmony in the couple's relationship.

Pain after scraping

Scraping is a fairly common procedure that gynecologists assign to women after examinations. Due to the lack of information on this topic and the fact that gynecologists often do not explain in detail to their patients what the essence of such a process is, often women have unreasonable fears about pain after scraping.

Psychogenic pain

Psychogenic pain is not a sign of any mental illness, nor is it a symptom that indicates the truth of organic pathology.

Pain after intercourse

More than half of the representatives of both sexes suffer from pain during sexual intercourse or after it periodically, many and constantly. The problem is that many people hesitate to admit this.

Pain after eating

Usually, pain after eating is observed in the abdomen, which, first of all, indicates problems of the digestive system. But there are also cases when the pain occurs in completely atypical places, for example, in the chest, back, or headache.

Pain after abortion

In this article, we propose to find out why some women experience pain after abortion, what are their causes and what is the prophylaxis. But first let's consider the very concept of abortion.

Pain during miscarriage

It should be said that many girls do not always understand that they had a miscarriage, because at the initial stage of pregnancy (up to 4-5 weeks) miscarriage and pain during miscarriage can easily be taken for profuse menstruation.

Pain scales in adults

Pain scales are used to determine the intensity of pain. Scales allow you to assess the subjective pain experienced by the pain patient at the time of the study.


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