Types of pain

Pain in the eyeball

Pain in the eyeball arises from the large number of pain receptors that are there. Nerve endings in the eyeballs transmit painful impulses, which give strong pain in case of abnormalities in the functioning of the body.

Pain in the middle of the cycle

For many women, painful menstruation is common, but when there is pain in the middle of the cycle, it becomes a signal to call a gynecologist.

Pain in limb dislocations

Pain in a dislocation can be so strong that a person loses consciousness.

Pain from pricks

Almost every person living in the conditions of a modern developed civilization knows by his own experience what pain from injections is.

Pain when and after excitation: the main causes

According to WHO, every third woman in the world, sooner or later, experienced pain when excited.

Pain in the veins

If there is pain in the veins, this is a very serious statement from the circulatory system of the body.

Chronic pain

If you feel pain for a long period of time, and you do not notice any other symptoms and signs of disease - most likely, this pain is chronic.

Soul Pain

Mental pain is also called pain of the psychic body.

Pain when running

When a person only starts jogging or has to hurry somewhere, pain can arise when running.

Pain in the side during pregnancy

Pain in the side during pregnancy can be a manifestation of chronic or underlying diseases.


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