Types of pain

Pain in orgasm

Very often pain with orgasm is a signal of hormonal dysfunction, infection of the genitourinary system, insufficient moistening of the vaginal mucosa, a possible allergy to sperm.

Shingles pain

Among all the types of pain that plague a person, she is especially interested in herpes pain. This state of excruciating pain may have varying degrees of severity (intensity), be short-lived or last long, have seizures.

Pain in the nerves

Pain in the nerves, or the so-called neuralgia, is a neurological disease that occurs for a variety of reasons (inflammation, trauma, intervertebral hernia, infection) and is characterized by pain along the nerve, numbness and burning sensation.

Pain in osteochondrosis

Pain in osteochondrosis is explained by a strong mechanical irritation of the nerve endings that pass from the spinal cord between the vertebrae, creating a peripheral nervous system.

Acute pain

Acute pain is a signal about defects that occur both in the morphological structure and in the functional work of the organs and systems of the body.

Myofascial pain

Myofascial pain occurs at times when predisposing factors combine with provocative. In the concepts of the uninitiated in the anatomy of people, the entire muscle layer is represented only by the muscles. Many do not realize that there are still ligaments and fasciae, which are also an integral part of the muscular skeleton.

Muscle pain

Muscle pain, strange as it may sound, is quite normal for most people. By the end of the working day, coupled with heavy physical exertion or sitting in the office, the muscles, to varying degrees, begin to hurt even a completely healthy person. Another thing is when there are all sorts of diseases in which the muscular pains are constantly present and have an exhausting effect on the body.

Pain after surgery

Interventions of moderate trauma can cause significant pain after surgery. In this case, traditional opioids (morphine, promedol, etc.) for patients after such operations are of little use, since their use, especially in the early period after general anesthesia, is dangerous due to the development of central respiratory depression and requires monitoring of the patient in an intensive care setting.

Pain in the first weeks of pregnancy

Pain in the first weeks of pregnancy can be caused by both natural physiological factors and the occurrence of pathological processes. If you have any of the symptoms that worry you, contact your gynecologist immediately.

Pain in the muscles

Muscle pain, or muscle pain, is a common problem that can occur even at a young age.


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