Types of pain

Irradiating pain

Irradiating pain or reflected (Synalgia, Referred Pain) is a pain that a person experiences in any part of the body that does not correspond to the actual place of its origin. For example, an abscess in the area under the diaphragm can cause pain not at all, but in the shoulder region.

Pain with menopause

Pain in menopause can occur at any time of life, and not necessarily because of physical overexertion. Pain can be accompanied by periods of fever and chills, increased sweating, joint pain, headaches, increased pressure, drowsiness, increased fatigue ...

Abdominal pain in the middle of the cycle

Many women may experience abdominal pain in the middle of the cycle. This pain usually occurs in the middle or lower abdomen and has a pulling character. The pain may pass into the vagina, the sacrum, or the rectum. These pains can be frequent - each of 6 women of reproductive age experiences them. Very often the causes of such pain may be several.

Who has pain in defloration?

The hymen is a very whimsical part of the girl's body. It can be so strong that it remains intact even after intercourse. It's just stretching, that's all. Who cares about pain during defloration, and who can very easily avoid it?

Pain in a dream

If a person has pain in a dream, this is rarely seen as an independent problem. Often, it has an exclusively speculative, everyday character that points to sleep as a physiological phenomenon that facilitates and heals.

Pain when swallowing

Physicians call the pain when swallowing in the throat of loneliness. It can cause a variety of diseases: disruptions in the digestive system, as well as bacterial or viral infections that provoke the flu or cold. Dry air can also cause pain when swallowing. Let's look at these causes and symptoms in more detail.

Gynecological pain

Gynecological pain is one of the most powerful pains that can disturb a woman. Many women - up to 90% - have ever suffered from gynecological pain in their lives. Therefore, it is very important to understand the causes of this pain and the methods of fighting it.

Eye pain

Eye pain is not a pleasant feeling. Not only does a person seem to lose sight, but also tears flow from the eyes or, on the contrary, they can not be seen, or eye pain is accompanied by other nasty symptoms. In the eyes there are a lot of nerve receptors, which is why they are the first to respond to the troubles that have befallen other organs, and react with pain. So, eye pain - what are its causes?

Pain around the glans penis

Pain around the glans penis may be symptoms of trauma, infection, any disease that does not seem to have anything to do with the penis. With these pains you can cope with the treatment and lifestyle changes that the doctor will recommend.

Pain in the whole body

Tens of millions of people around the world suffer from periodic or chronic pain throughout the body, which lasts more than six months. Pain can be mild or painful, episodic or permanent, simply discomforting or completely disabling. With chronic pain throughout the body, pain signals remain active for the nervous system for weeks, months, or even years.
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