Diet with hernia of the esophagus: a menu for every day, recipes

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Last reviewed: 16.10.2021

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After we were able to evaluate the whole benefit of the diet with a hernia of the esophagus and figured out the features of dietary nutrition before and after the operation in connection with this pathology, we can say that it's time to try to make a dietary menu for at least a week. After all, the treatment of the disease can be quite long, and all this time will have to follow a diet recommended for diseases of the digestive tract.

We have clarified which products are allowed and forbidden when digestive organs are moved to the chest and reflux disease, and therefore, based on this knowledge and understanding of acceptable methods of heat treatment of foods, it is easy to compile a weekly diet calculated for six meals a day.

Menu diet for hernia of the esophagus by days

So, what can be an approximate diet menu by the days of the week:


  • 1 breakfast Egg soft-boiled, 60-80 g low-fat cottage cheese, green tea
  • 2 breakfast Baked apple, a glass of strawberry-banana fresh
  • Lunch A light vegetable with a slice of white chicken meat without skins and rusks, rice porridge with beef meatball
  • Afternoon snack Glass of yogurt
  • 1 dinner Fish baked in foil with your favorite herbs, salad from boiled beet and pieces of apples, toast from unleavened bread
  • 2 supper Half banana, low-fat sweet cheese with dried apricots, apple juice


  • 1 breakfast Oatmeal with berries, a slice of brine cheese
  • 2 breakfast Banana souffle
  • Lunch Pumpkin soup, boiled buckwheat porridge with steam chicken cutlet, liquid fruit jelly
  • Afternoon Cottage cheese casserole, apple-carrot juice
  • 1 dinner Meat pudding with milk sauce, tea with bergamot
  • 2 supper A glass of low-fat milk, a biscuit biscuit soaked in milk


  • 1 breakfast Dietary cheese cakes from cottage cheese and oatmeal, baked in the oven, mint tea
  • 2 breakfast Apple and banana salad, a piece of pastille
  • Rice rice soup with cauliflower, cucumber salad and green lettuce, toast
  • Tea time Curd with pieces of fruit and berries
  • 1 dinner Mashed potatoes, a piece of boiled fish, a combination salad of vegetables
  • 2 Dinner Steam omelette, herbal tea


  • 1 breakfast Rice porridge, jelly
  • 2 breakfast Apple, baked with honey, cookies
  • Lunch Fish-vegetable soup, barley porridge with meatballs, green tea
  • Afternoon snack A glass of ryazhenka, marshmallows
  • 1 dinner Salad jelly with meat and vegetables,
  • 2 dinner A glass of curdled milk, biscuits with jam


  • 1 breakfast Milk buckwheat porridge, toast, not strong tea
  • 2 breakfast 1-2 bananas
  • Beef soup, mashed potatoes with steam chop and vegetable salad
  • Curd cheese Curd souffle, kissel
  • 1 supper Vegetable stew (without frying vegetables), green tea with honey
  • 2 dinner Milk jelly, cookies


  • 1 breakfast Oatmeal porridge with steamed dried apricots and honey, herbal tea
  • 2 breakfast Apple, baked in honey and cottage cheese, a slice of brine cheese
  • Lunch Vegetable soup-puree, buckwheat porridge with meatballs and milk sauce
  • Afternoon snack lazy vareniki from cottage cheese and manga, fruit jelly
  • 1 dinner Fish baked with vegetables, fruit jelly
  • 2 dinner 50 g cottage cheese, a glass of yogurt


  • 1 breakfast Rice porridge, baked apple, herbal tea
  • 2 breakfast Salad from boiled beets and dried apricots
  • Lunch Soup puree from chicken and vegetables, barley porridge with steam chop
  • Afternoon Oatmeal with cottage cheese and fruit
  • 1 dinner Salad from boiled vegetables and meat, kissel
  • 2 Dinner Fruit salad with yoghurt, chamomile tea

Variants of the diet menu with a hernia of the esophagus are many, because the choice of foods for him can be considered quite sufficient. But it must be taken into account that vegetable salad, casseroles, puddings are dishes that are more suitable for the recovery period, while soup, mashed potatoes and liquid dishes are quite acceptable in case of exacerbation of the hernia of the esophagus.

On the Internet, you can find a lot of low-calorie recipes from healthy foods that are great for dietary nutrition. But the disease will be tolerated a little easier if it is perceived as a push for a flight of fantasy, because from the same set of products you can come up with several completely different dishes, the taste of which will depend on the way of preparation and flavoring (fruit, greens, dried herbs).

For example, a popular dietary dish "baked apple" can be diversified by adding honey, cottage cheese, slices of dried apricots to the carved cavity. And cooking options so beloved by the British oatmeal and even more. It is tasty and on milk, and on water with honey and various fruit and berry fillers. Oat flakes you can add cheese cakes and casseroles, bake them a tasty and useful oatmeal cookie, pre-resin in flour, so that after baking does not form solid lumps.

Preparing vegetable salads, you can season them with a small amount of Himalayan pink salt, which will give the dishes a certain piquancy. As a dressing, you can use quality refined vegetable oils and low-fat yogurt. Such a combination does not spoil the taste of the dish, but instead introduces into it a tender dairy note. And in combination with egg yolk, butter and yogurt make quite worthy competition with mayonnaise and can replace it in salads from boiled vegetables. In the period of remission, you can add dressing and salads from fresh vegetables.

Fruit salads can be filled with yoghurt and honey. Cottage cheese also fits well with these products and becomes not so dry and fresh, and by adding fruit and berries to it you can get a real restaurant dessert.

The lack of salt and sugar in dietary dishes can be compensated with honey, natural spicy seasonings, the addition of fragrant herbs and a beautiful dish design. It is proved that a beautifully decorated dish seems more appetizing and tasty than a heap of vegetables superimposed by a disorderly slide or mixed with jam or fruit cottage cheese. But it is only on a plate with cottage cheese, using the same fruits and jam to draw a smiling face, and life will seem much more interesting and brighter, despite the illness and the need to follow a diet.

Recipes of dishes with hernia of the esophagus

Well, everyone can fantasize about decorating dishes independently, but with recipes is more difficult. Not everyone can be a great culinary expert and know which foods are combined in one dish, and which ones are best used in different dishes. Here are a few useful and delicious recipes for the first, second courses and desserts, which can be included in the diet of a diet with a hernia of the esophagus.

Vegetable cream soup


Pumpkin - a piece, weighing 500-600 grams

Potatoes - 2 pcs. (large)

Water - 1 glass

Milk, diluted in water in equal proportions - 2 cups

Favorite seasonings and parsley

Pumpkin and potatoes peeled, cut into small pieces, pour water and stew with the lid closed until the vegetables become soft. The contents of the pan are poured into the blender (or grinded through a sieve) and turned into mashed potatoes.

Divorced milk boiled milk, add our puree to it, bring it to a boil and reduce the heat. We add in the soup-puree a little salt and seasoning and boil for about 10 minutes.

Before use, sprinkle the dish with finely chopped parsley or dill.

On the basis of this recipe, you can make other soups-mashed potatoes, for example, picking carrots or zucchini instead of pumpkins. If you add a little sugar instead of salt, you will get a sweet dish, which is good for breakfast or lunch. If the soup is puree based on pumpkin alone, it is very tasty to sweeten it with honey.

Meat pudding with a manga

We will not specify the number of ingredients in this tasty dish, which, despite its satiety, is fairly easily digested in the digestive tract. Let's give the opportunity for readers to experiment with the proportions and choose those that will make the pudding the most gentle and attractive.

Cooking dietary meat pudding is easy. Its basis is beef, which must first be scrolled a couple of times in the meat grinder. Next, cook a sparse semolina porridge on water or diluted milk, adding a little salt and carefully making sure that no rough lumps form.

After the semolina porridge has cooled, add the prepared meat to it and mix it well. Now take the raw chicken egg, separate the yolk from the protein, and mix the protein with a mixer or whisk into a strong foam. Yolk pour into manno-meat mass, mix, a little more salt and only after that accurately introduce whipped proteins. It is impossible to stir the products actively now, this should be done slowly, as carefully as possible, otherwise the pudding will not have the necessary porous structure.

Spread the mass in a greased form of vegetable oil, gently level the top of the casserole and put in a preheated to 200 degrees oven for about 20 minutes. Ready pudding can be poured with meat broth or served with a dairy sauce.

On the same recipe, you can cook vegetable pudding, taking instead of meat your favorite vegetables. If the pudding is prepared from carrots, shredded in a blender or grated on a fine grater, it can be made sweet.

Combined vegetable salad


Peking cabbage - 50 g

Potatoes - 2 pcs.

Egg of chicken - 1 pc.

Cucumber - ¼ pcs.

Vegetable oil (lean, olive) - 1 tsp.

Yoghurt - 2 tbsp.

Pine cabbage finely shred, lightly sprinkle with salt and mash with hands until the juice is isolated. Potatoes and eggs cook, cool and cut into small pieces (you can grate on a large grater). Cucumber three on a grater or cut into small cubes (you can thin plates).

Instead of eggs in the salad you can add small pieces of brine cheese, which are perfectly combined with Peking cabbage.

All the ingredients are mixed, add vegetable oil and yogurt, sprinkle with Himalayan (sea, iodized or ordinary table salt), decorate your favorite greens.

Dietary Vinaigrette

In this recipe, we also will not indicate the proportions, because a salad of such a plan is familiar to almost everyone and everyone prepares it in their own way, taking the products in the combinations and quantities that they find most appetizing.

In the classic vinaigrette, boiled potatoes, carrots and beets, diced, are necessarily present. We will remove the onion from the recipe, and replace the salted cucumbers with a fresh or sour apple. Lovers of protein dishes can add to the salad finely chopped chicken or hard-boiled egg. Combining different products, you can get several different dishes for every day.

Finished salad dressing with your favorite vegetable oil, if you want, add a little ground paprika or coriander, sprinkle with chopped parsley or dill.

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Curd soufflé (dietary)


Cottage cheese with fat content up to 2% - 400 g

Low-fat milk - 100 g

Gelatin - 15 g

Natural honey (or sugar) - 1-2 tablespoons.

Water - 1 glass

Gelatin for half an hour soaked in water, after which we put it on a weak fire. Cottage cheese is wiped through a sieve and mixed with honey. Add the curd mass to the heated and completely dissolved gelatin, mix and send to a blender.

Crushed and blended with a little blender mass poured into a mold and cool it in the refrigerator. Ready souffle before use keep in the heat (cold dishes with hernia of the esophagus are undesirable), and before serving on the table, decorate with fruits and berries or lightly watered with jam.

Dietary cheese cakes for breakfast

This dish is prepared without flour and sugar and, despite this, it turns out surprisingly mouth-watering and perfectly suited for a dietary table.


Low fat cottage cheese - 300 g

Oat flour (you can grind oat flakes in a coffee grinder) - 20 g

Banana medium size - 1 pc.

Fresh chicken egg - 1 pc.

Cottage cheese we grind through a sieve. Banana carefully crush the fork to the state of gruel. All ingredients are mixed and formed from the resulting curd pastry small balls, which are then spread on baking paper and a little pressed, forming a neat cake.

Oven warm up to 180 degrees and send it to our syrniki for 40 minutes. Such cottage cheese pastries are very tasty with yoghurt, fruit and berry sauce or juices.


Delicate curd casserole with fruit


Low-fat cottage cheese rubbed through a sieve - 250 g

Fresh chicken eggs - 2 pcs.

Sour cream - 1 tbsp.

Sugar - 2-3 tablespoons.

Starch - 1 tbsp.

All the ingredients except the egg whites, which must be previously separated from the yolks, are mixed and beaten with a fork until the sugar dissolves. To obtain vanilla flavor, you can replace some sugar with vanilla or add a little vanillin.

Proteins should be beaten into a thick foam and gently mixed with the curd mass. If desired, you can also bring in pieces of fresh apples or dried apricots.

We put our workpiece in a greased form, level it and send it for half an hour to the oven, which was previously heated to 190-200 degrees.

The casserole turns out to be very delicate and not dry, so it goes very well even without various additives in the form of sauces and drinks.

If you want, you can find many other recipes useful digestible dishes, worthy to be included in the diet menu for hernia of the esophagus. If you look closely, these dishes are very similar to those that we prepare for their children, so that they grow strong and healthy.

But is any mother preparing her child something bad or not useful? Of course not. So in the end, the diet of a person with disabilities in the digestive organs becomes full and contributes to recovery, making the digestion process more comfortable and normalizing intra-abdominal pressure.


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