Medical specialties

Military doctor

A military doctor is a person with a higher medical education, who has a military rank.


A dentist-therapist is a medical specialty in the field of dentistry, which includes medical actions aimed at treating dental diseases.


Who is a prosthetic dentist? This is a doctor specializing in a special area of dentistry - dental orthopedics.

Surgeon teacher

A surd teacher - rarely meeting the names among the townsfolk. Although we all know that there are surdtranslippers, sign language interpreter.


Surgeon-phlebologist is a qualified doctor who studies the symptoms of blood flow damage and treatment of venous diseases. Let's consider what diseases the surgeon-phlebologist treats, methods of diagnostics used by the doctor in the course of work, as well as advice and recommendations on the preservation of health.

Sanitary doctor for food hygiene

The Sanitary Doctor for Food Hygiene deals with the issues of state sanitary supervision. In the area of his work include objects that are engaged in the production and sale of food.

Children's Surgeon

A doctor who deals with the surgical treatment of children from birth to the age of 14 is called a pediatric surgeon.


The surgeon (from the ancient Greek "act by hand") is a medical specialist engaged in surgical (surgical) treatment of various kinds of acute and chronic diseases.


A doctor who carries out the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis in children is called a phthisiopaediatrician.


The doctor, who deals with all issues related to tuberculosis, is assigned to a separate specialty - phthisiatrician.