Medical specialties


Due to the constant mutations and changes in viruses, bacteria and other pathogens, people have become more vulnerable to disease and their immune responses are not always able to fight the disease. The solution of such problems is the immunologist.


Who is a psychiatrist and what is included in the concept of "psychiatry"? A psychiatrist is a doctor engaged in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental illness.

Court medical expert

A forensic expert is a specialist with a medical background whose task is qualified actions in the course of investigation of violations of the law.


Who is a proctologist and what does he do? Proctology - a branch of medicine, dealing with the study of diseases of the large intestine (rectum and colon) and anus.

Acupuncture therapist

Acupuncture therapists have been and still are very popular specialists in the field of both traditional and traditional medicine, since acupuncture is an effective method of treating and preventing a variety of diseases, in particular diseases of the nervous system and the musculoskeletal system.


The oncologist-surgeon investigates surgical methods of cancer treatment. Today, almost all types of cancer are treated. Oncology pays much attention to the radiation methods of detection of malignant tumors, as well as ultrasound.


Orthopedist literally means: "a doctor teaching straightness." So, orthopedics is a branch of medicine that studies the prevention and treatment of bone and muscle deformities.


Specialty orthodontist is the most in demand for the reason that about 90% of dental patients have bite disorders.


Oncourologist is a highly specialized doctor who detects and treats tumors of the urinary system of man, as well as male genital organs.

Sanitary doctor for occupational hygiene

The Sanitary Doctor for Occupational Health is a qualified employee of the Sanitary and Epidemiological Service, who is well covered in matters of sanitary control over the implementation of certain rules in industrial, construction enterprises and agricultural organizations.