Medical specialties


An allergist is a medical specialist who studies the causes of the onset, course, as well as the symptoms of allergic reactions and diseases. The doctor of this specialization has methods of diagnosing, preventing, treating allergies and immuno-conditioned manifestations.


Midwife is an employee of a maternity hospital or a women's clinic with a secondary medical education. The main duties of this specialist extend to obstetric care, home monitoring of pregnancy and mothers with a newborn, training skills to care for the baby.


An andrologist is a doctor who must thoroughly study and know the anatomical features of the male body, his embryology and physiology, possible defects and deviations in the development of the genitourinary system.

Angiosurgeon (vascular surgeon)

An angiosurgeon or a vascular surgeon is a doctor who diagnoses and treats diseases of the vascular system. Who is an angiosurgeon? This question can be asked by those patients who are sent for consultation to a specialist about progressive pathological processes in the lower extremities, cardiopathology, diabetic angiopathy, impaired potency, kidney failure and many other problems.


Obstetrician-gynecologist - specialist on problems of conception, gestation and birth. The doctor of this specialization helps in matters of pregnancy planning, observes a woman during the period of gestation and after the appearance of the baby.

Consultation of a gynecologist

Consultation with a gynecologist is necessary for most women. Clinicians argue that preventive gynecological examinations are a guarantee of health. But nevertheless, there are situations when a gynecologist's consultation is urgently needed.


An endocrinologist is a specialist who treats the endocrine system consisting of endocrine glands: the pituitary gland, the thyroid and parathyroid glands, the hypothalamus, the adrenal glands, the pancreas and the sex glands that produce hormones.