Medical specialties

Oncologist and gynecologist

Oncologist-gynecologist (oncogynecologist) is a doctor who has knowledge of obstetrics and gynecology, trained in diagnostic methods, as well as options for treatment and prevention of tumors of various types of female reproductive system.


Suggestologist - a doctor engaged in the use of memory and suggestion in the treatment of many diseases.


A dentist-surgeon is a doctor specializing in operations in the oral cavity.


The surdologist is, in fact, the same ENT, but who knows more about ear diseases than other organs of the nasopharynx. The surdologist diagnoses and treats congenital and traumatic lesions of the middle ear.

The pathologist

Who is a pathologist and what does he do? This is a very common question, despite the fact that the profession exists in medicine for almost a hundred years. The physician occupational pathologist is studying the influence of unfavorable and harmful working conditions on the state of human health.


The oncologist is an expert in the field of diagnosis and therapy of neoplastic tumors. The tumor can appear in any organ, for this reason the doctor of various specializations is engaged in solving the oncology problem: dermatologists, gynecologists, otolaryngologists, etc.


A dentist is a specialist with a higher medical education who graduated from the Department of Dentistry in a higher medical school.


Sexologist is a doctor who struggles with sexual disorders of people and tries to save them from many problems. Sexology is such a discipline that can characterize the normal sexual life of a person, as well as study sexual habits.

The ophthalmologist

In translation from the Greek word for word doctrine of the eyes ("ophthalmos" and "logos"). Accordingly, an ophthalmologist is a doctor specializing in eye problems. In our vocabulary, another term has taken root - the oculist, which comes from the Latin "oculus" (eye).


The dentist-orthodontist is a very important and necessary specialty: a doctor of this direction performs correction of teeth and dentition, placing emphasis on correct bite.