Types of pain

Pain after chemotherapy

After chemotherapy, some patients experience severe pain in different parts of the body. This means that there is a high degree of damage to internal organs - the heart, liver, kidneys, lungs, urinary and genital organs. In this case, severe pain after chemotherapy can disturb the patient for several months.

Pain after delivery: what, where and why it hurts

After the expulsion from paradise, a person found the ability to independently reproduce his own kind, and the woman had to bear children in agony ... Physicians attribute painful pains in the process of delivery and pain after delivery to the category of inevitable.

Pain in a fracture

Pain in fracture occurs as a result of fractures of bone tissue. It means the presence of a complete or partial breach of the integrity of bones, when there are loads that exceed the strength of the site that is injured.

Pain after sleep: what does your body signal?

When there is pain, the defenses of the body come to full "combat readiness" - to eliminate painful irritations and their negative impact. And often the first to give an alarm is the pain after sleep.

Pain in intercourse

Pain during intercourse, speaking in medical terms - dyspareunia, occurs regardless of experience, age and sex. It is very difficult to diagnose and does not tolerate the delay of the examination and subsequent treatment.

Pain with pancreatitis

Pancreatitis is a very common disease today. According to statistics for last five years every 4th woman and every 8th man in the world suffer with pancreatitis! These are depressing facts.

Pain in muscles when walking

As soon as Homo sapiens straightened up and started walking, obviously, from that moment on, there was a pain in the muscles when walking. Statistics state that during a lifetime (average duration of 65-70 years) a person commits about 500 million stepper movements

Pain in the muscles of pregnancy

Muscle pain during pregnancy is considered an inevitable phenomenon associated with natural processes, the change in the work of many organs and systems.

Pain in muscles and joints

Myalgia and arthralgia are pains in the muscles and joints, these two painful conditions often accompany each other, despite the fact that they develop in completely different tissues.

Causes of muscle pain

Pain in the muscles is a nonspecific pain syndrome, which in medicine is called myalgia (myos - muscle, algos - pain). Pain can arise independently, spontaneously, and under objective circumstances - palpation, physical overstrain.


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