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Pain in intercourse

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Pain during intercourse, speaking in medical terms - dyspareunia, occurs regardless of experience, age and sex. It is very difficult to diagnose and does not tolerate the delay of the examination and subsequent treatment. In addition, pain during intercourse can form a negative attitude towards sex and develop frigidity, which is absolutely unnatural for a psychologically healthy person.

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Causes of pain during intercourse

Pain during sexual intercourse is properly divided by gender, because the symptoms in men and women are talking about completely different problems.

If pain occurs during sexual intercourse with a man, this may be due to:

  • Organic causes (too tight foreskin or Peyronie's disease - curvature of the penis).
  • Infections and inflammations of the sexual organ.
  • Prostatitis.

Much more difficult in the case of pain during sexual intercourse is the case with women. The range of possible causes is broader:

  • Psychological problems (fear, aversion to sex).
  • Inflammatory processes and infections (vaginitis, cystitis, endometriosis, adhesions, cervicitis, inflammation of areas of the hymen, uterine myoma, cyst, etc.).
  • A change in the hormonal background, during which the vaginal mucosa becomes thinner.
  • Varicose veins in the pelvis.
  • Bend of the uterus.
  • Previous surgical interventions.

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Symptoms of pain during intercourse

Pain of any nature in sexual intercourse, whether acute or aching, is the most important sign that it is time to seek medical help.

In addition to the main reason is to think about health, if:

  • The pain is not a one-time affair, but it occurs every time you have sex.
  • In women, pain is accompanied by such attendant symptoms as burning, itching and redness of the genitals, general weakness.
  • In men - involuntary and painful urination, pain in the canal and giving to the anus.

Pain at the first sexual intercourse

Pain at the first sexual intercourse is the norm, not pathology. Very rarely defloration is painless. When a partner's penis enters, the vaginal walls contract, which creates discomfort. In addition, often the hymen does not break after the first sexual intercourse, but only stretches due to its elasticity. Therefore in the future during sex a girl can feel discomfort.

From pain at the first sexual intercourse there are no medications. The most important thing is to be mentally prepared, and at the crucial moment to relax as much as possible in a warm comfortable environment.

Pain before and after intercourse

Often, the pain that occurs at the beginning of the sexual act, do not pay attention, believing that this is the norm. In fact, it can talk about the incompatibility of partners or diseases such as vaginismus, stagnation in the veins, adhesions.

If the pain does not pass and after intercourse, then, most likely, you are faced with such a problem as sexually transmitted diseases, cyst or inflammation of the cervix.

The nature of pain during sexual intercourse and disease

Pain of any character during sexual intercourse, giving to the anus in men - a sign of prostatitis. In addition, a sharp pain in the scrotum during sex can be the cause of varicocele (expansion of veins) and infectious diseases. If the pain disturbs for a while after intercourse, then this may be a sign of unopened testicles.

In women, the list of diseases associated with this kind of pain is much wider.

Drawing and sharp pain in the abdomen during sexual intercourse is a sign of cystitis. The disease is accompanied by frequent urination.

A sharp pain and burning sensation speaks of fungal diseases or thrush.

If you feel a sharp pain, as soon as the sexual partner enters you, then, most likely, you are dealing with the dryness of the vagina. There is such a problem usually due to hormonal failure, previous drug treatment or - most often - because of the partner's inattention and neglect of preliminary caresses.

Stupid aching pain with a sexual act on the right or left in the lower abdomen speaks of a cyst.

Strong unbearable pain in sexual intercourse, which is accompanied by burning and discharge from the vagina means that the woman has vaginitis.

Pain of the external genitalia speaks of a gynecological disease, like vulvodynia.

Dull but annoying pain is a symptom of diseases of the genito-urinary organs.

Sharp shooting, giving in a leg a pain at the sexual certificate or act testifies to a neuralgia of pelvic nerves.

The cause of pain can also be a psychological factor (unsuccessful first sexual experience, fear of sex, dissatisfaction with yourself and a partner).

Strong pain during sexual intercourse is felt by women after childbirth. This may be due to inflammation, which has not yet passed or in the case when the seams and cracks and the newly mum have not yet healed. But this does not mean that you have to wait until the pain recedes by itself. It is necessary to go to the doctor, because sometimes in such cases, surgical intervention is required.

But the pain during sexual intercourse during pregnancy is in part a myth. More precisely, the pain can be present, only with an "interesting" position, it is in no way connected, rather, it is a sign of one of the above problems or an excessive suspiciousness of a woman.

Diagnosis of pain during intercourse

Independently to determine the cause of discomfort is almost impossible. Diagnose problems, due to which a person experiences pain during intercourse, can a gynecologist (for women) and a urologist (for men).

In any case, the diagnosis is based on an anamnesis. Having come to the doctor, you need to be ready to clearly answer the question of how long you experience pain during sex.

It is important for a doctor to know:

  • The pain is permanent or has arisen for the first time.
  • Whether there are surgical procedures and problems of a similar nature that have already troubled the patient.

If the tests and examination showed that you are healthy, then you can be referred to a psychotherapist, perhaps the problem is psychological in nature and only this specialist will help with it.

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Treatment of pain during intercourse

In order to cope with pain during intercourse, it is first necessary to find out the cause of unpleasant sensations during sex in order to start competent treatment.

Men in case of pain during intercourse should consult a urologist andrologist. Since the strong sex suffers from discomfort during intercourse mainly due to organic causes, it is impossible to do without surgical intervention. The doctor will perform a plastic correction of the genital organ or slightly excise the foreskin.

A woman, if pain is caused by a psychological factor, you need to undergo psychotherapy (preferably together with a partner).

In inflammatory and infectious processes, antibacterial therapy is prescribed, after which the microflora of the vagina is restored.

  • Suppositories Vagikal - one suppository 3 times a day for 10 days.
  • As an anesthetic (for men and women), you can take Ibuprofen - no more than 3 tablets per day.
  • Antibiotics - Tetracycline (one tablet 0.25 mg not more than six times a day).

As a natural "folk" treatment, it is recommended to take baths with essential oils of lemon balm, juniper, myrtle, rosemary, yarrow, tea tree and thyme. For a bathroom, usually take 5-10 drops.

If the pain does not pass after intercourse (this applies to the external genitals in women and the scrotum in men), you can try a cold compress - hold the ice wrapped in a soft towel (but not more than 15 minutes!)

If the doctor has established, that the pain is connected with lack of a natural greasing the problem dares simply - pick up lubricants.

Be attentive to your health and let such a delicate problem as pain during intercourse never disturb you!

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