Diet for atopic dermatitis

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Last reviewed: 16.10.2021

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Due to the fact that atopic dermatitis is a type of allergic reactions of the body to contact with an allergen, one of the ways to alleviate the symptoms of symptoms is to follow a diet. A special diet for atopic dermatitis in adults is made up taking into account the factors that atopic dermatitis is a manifestation of true allergy and the reaction to an allergic product appears only after the latent period. Before you decide on nutrition with restrictions that facilitate the course of atopic dermatitis, you should absolutely be sure of the diagnosis and not confuse atopic dermatitis with intolerance to some products.

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Diet for atopic dermatitis in adults

In case of confirmation of the diagnosis, the diet for atopic dermatitis in adults should be based on the preparation of a complete diet that allows you to maintain performance. An adult can independently create a menu, avoiding products containing histaminole-containing substances. Histaminole is all ready-to-eat foods - sausages, all types of hams, smoked meat, all types of canned fish, smoked (dried) types of fish, all hard cheeses, pork liver, products prepared by fermentation (wine), pickling and salting.

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Diet for atopic dermatitis in children

Just as in an adult, a diet for children with atopic dermatitis should exclude all of the above products, as well as foods that can provoke the development of food allergies against the background of general body sensitization. Children are not recommended to use all types of citrus fruits, nuts, mushrooms, honey, fish (fish products), poultry and its products, chocolate, smoked meats, spices and sauces (mustard, mayonnaise), eggs, tomatoes, eggplants, imported fruits. When individual intolerance exclude dairy products, most often - fresh milk.

Such a problem as feeding a child with atopic dermatitis is difficult to solve due to the huge number of restrictions. Everything is possible to pick up dishes consisting of beef meat (lean, boiled), which will fill the deficit of protein. In the case of first courses, the broth should always be beef, secondary, soups themselves - cereal, vegetable (from domestic vegetables). From fat recommended butter and olive oil. From dairy products, you can enter lactic acid day kefir, cottage cheese. Porridge, preferably gluten-free, potatoes - in boiled form. You can use ground cucumbers, greens - parsley and dill (ground, domestic). Showing baked apples, tea (sugar). Drinks (compotes, homemade infusions) from apples, cherries, currants, plums, dried fruits (no smell of smoking). Bakery products are preferably dried, not rich.

Actually the child's menu for atopic dermatitis should consist of dishes cooked at home, food is steamed or boiled. Strongly recommended during the period of exacerbation of dermatitis to introduce synthetic vitamins and mineral supplements. All concentrates and semi-finished products, all types of canned products, all types of imported vegetables and fruits are excluded, all brightly colored vegetables and fruits are excluded, as well as all dark-colored varieties of meat and fish (chicken can only be consumed if it is “homemade”. "). In the period of exacerbation, all kinds of spices and herbs are contraindicated, in the period of remission it is permissible to use bay leaves, parsley and dill "from the bed".

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Mom's Diet for Atopic Dermatitis

If a woman has a diagnosis of atopic dermatitis and breastfeeds her baby, then the mother's diet for atopic dermatitis has a number of features that minimize the risk of exacerbations of the disease, but ensure good nutrition of the mother. It is strictly forbidden to use products with dyes, preservatives, carbonated drinks and kvass, products with histaminole-librators, seafood (as a result of a violation of the storage technology, histidine contained in muscle tissue is converted into histamine under the influence of bacterial histidine decarboxylase). Limit sweet dishes, bakery products from baking and white refined flour, confectionery (mainly due to low-quality fats and synthetic additives included in them). All types of fermented milk products (low fat), gluten-free cereals and unpainted (green) vegetables / fruits, lean meats in boiled, stewed or cooked in a double boiler are recommended.

In general, mom's nutrition during atopic dermatitis during pregnancy and feeding is not much different. You should be extremely careful when using various ready-made dishes, for example, yogurt should be “live”, with a minimum shelf life and without fruit fillings. Tea should be brewed leaf, because the contents of the bags are not always consists of tea leaves and often contain dyes and flavors. When eating animal fats, it should be remembered that lard, as a depot (store), retains all the harmful substances and hormonal additives that an animal encountered during life, butter is also a concentrate of milk fat and it is important that milk for the production of butter be produced in an environmentally friendly way. In clean areas, when using oils of vegetable origin should be borne in mind that the purest oil is olive oil, soybean oil will almost always contain GMOs.

In the case of a confirmed and confirmed diagnosis - atopic dermatitis, the diet is similar to the diet with other types of allergies. Meals should be fractional, in one meal it is advisable not to introduce several types of products from the list of "doubtful": crawl and turkey meat, pork, red currants, apricot, peach, banana, cranberries, green pepper, corn, peas. If the body has been subjected to any kind of stress (long exposure to the sun, being indoors with chemical vapors, prolonged contact with detergents), all questionable or conditionally allergenic products should be removed from the diet.

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Hypoallergenic diet for atopic dermatitis

A hypoallergenic diet is prescribed for atopic dermatitis only when the diagnosis is not in doubt. In the case of child patients, food allergies are the first signs of atopic dermatitis. The most allergenic for children are yolk, fish, all legumes, fresh milk, isolated to wheat products. In adults, the manifestation of food allergies with dermatitis provocation occurs most often in combination with inhaled allergens. The provocateurs of attacks are all kinds of nuts, fresh colored vegetables and fruits. Milk intolerance is less common, in eggs the provocateur is protein. Adults are more likely to suffer from beef and pork in any form, children are more likely to tolerate the use of steamed beef.

A diet is selected for patients with atopic dermatitis, most often individually, taking into account external provocateurs (ecology) and the scope of human activity. It should be noted that no specialist will be able to specify a complete list of products that are prohibited or permitted to use. For the formation of the menu, you need to take into account the features of "cross food allergies. With inhalation provocations of atopic dermatitis, flowering trees with a high degree of probability will cause allergies to carrots, oranges, celery, nuts, apples. If you are allergic to a banana, then melon will be allergenic, but fish, legumes and eggs can cause anaphylactic shock. To adjust the diet should be regularly examined gastrointestinal tract, as many products can be pseudo-allergenic due to functional disorders of the intestinal mucosa.

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