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Permanent eyelash coloring

If you are tired of being painted every day, you can try and make such a procedure as permanent staining of eyelashes. This is an innovative procedure, and it was registered in the salon services menu not so long ago. Let's talk a little about the permanent staining of eyelashes.

Cosmetology for men

Traditionally it was believed that men are less demanding about their own appearance and prefer simple and affordable means and methods of skin care.

Dermatocosmetology of adolescence

In everyday practical work, the dermatologist and dermatocosmetologist have to increasingly take adolescents. This fact can be explained by the increasing demand for qualified cosmetology services among the population, good knowledge of adolescents and their parents, and also, often, the desire of adolescents to change their appearance.

Types of facial skin

For the purposeful impact on the skin during various cosmetic procedures, it is necessary to correctly determine the skin type and its condition.

Tactile cells

The most mysterious cells of the epidermis are Merkel cells. They are responsible for the tactile sensitivity of the skin, so they were called tactile cells.

Enzymes of the skin

The enzyme plays the role of an experienced matchmaker who arranges marriages where, in the natural course of events, there would be no chance of success. Each enzyme specializes in a single reaction.

Skin protection systems

With pleasure burying ourselves in the warm sand on the beach, tearing flowers in the forest, wandering barefoot on the ground and lying on the grass, we hardly think about what a huge and hard work is being carried out at this time by the immune system of the skin.

Acid Skin Mantle

Acidic mantle of the skin is formed by a mixture of sebum and sweat, in which organic acids are added - lactic, lemon and others. These acids are formed as a result of biochemical processes taking place in the epidermis.


The device of the sebaceous gland can be imagined if you mentally apply a coat of cement on the skin and make it a depression that reaches the dermis. Then the walls of the resulting fossa will be lined with epidermis.

Face skin vessels

It is necessary to say about it, because many cosmetic products and procedures are aimed at "stimulating blood circulation", "toning and strengthening the vessels of the skin", etc.

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