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Face skin vessels

It is necessary to say about it, because many cosmetic products and procedures are aimed at "stimulating blood circulation", "toning and strengthening the vessels of the skin", etc.

Muscular-aponeurotic system of the face

Mimic facial muscles, strictly speaking, no longer refer to the skin. But as these, the muscles make a significant contribution to the age-related skin changes and since recently there have appeared cosmetic products that affect them, we will consider them.

Skin layers

Formally, the stratum corneum is the uppermost part of the layer called the epidermis. But in cosmetology it is usually considered separately, since it is the action of most cosmetics that is directed at it.

Types of Skin

There are several types of skin. Accordingly, each of them must be taken care of differently. Determining the type of skin at first sight can be very difficult.


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