Permanent eyelash dyeing

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Last reviewed: 17.10.2021

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The girls would not refuse from the magnetic, misterial view, the maddening men. And what is the basis for such magic? Eyelashes! Well-groomed, long, bright eyelashes are the dream of any girl. If you are tired of being painted every day, you can try and make such a procedure as permanent staining of eyelashes.

This is an innovative procedure, and it was registered in the salon services menu not so long ago. Let's talk a little about the permanent staining of eyelashes.

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Staining eyelashes with permanent ink

Well, proceeding from the name of the procedure "dyeing eyelashes with permanent ink," the cosmetologist uses a special kind of carcass. Permanent mascara differs in composition from the usual - it gives the cilia more volume and length, and stains in a bright color. This is the most resistant mascara, designed for prolonged action. The basis for the permanent carcass - the gel constituents of the substance are atoxic, that is, they are absolutely not harmful. To apply mascara can only the cosmetologist in a beauty salon. You will have to wait forty minutes, as there are several stages of application. First cilia thoroughly cleaned and dried. Then the master applies the composition to the upper and lower cilia, then the cilium is separated and dried again. A special gel envelops each eyelash separately, they do not stick together, they do not penetrate into the structure of the eyelashes.

Let's talk about the advantages of dyeing eyelashes with permanent ink.

  • The effect lasts up to a month.
  • Your mascara will not flow and will withstand snowfall, rain, sea bathing and swimming in the pool - you will be beautiful in any weather and in any circumstances.
  • The composition of the carcass is hypoallergenic.
  • Cilia remain natural and flexible.
  • Eyelash staining can be done both on the eyelashes that are accreted in the salon, and after the biosubwash of the cilia. With bio-waxing, staining is even recommended.

Cosmetologists tell about the peculiarities of leaving themselves after the procedure of staining eyelashes with permanent ink.

The rules are strict:

  • The first 24 hours after the permanent dyeing of eyelashes, you can not go to the sauna, bath, do not touch the water
  • After the staining procedure, forget about the traditional carcass at least for a month
  • Creams around the eyes and makeup remover should not contain oil. Use micellar water.
  • About curling irons for eyelashes and brushes for combing forget for a month together with traditional mascara
  • The person in the pillow is better not to sleep - the cilia may be damaged).

Biochemical and permanent eyelash staining

Biovanivka and permanent dyeing of eyelashes are not at all home procedures. Discard the idea that you can do it yourself, and choose a good salon. Cosmetologists unanimously assert that for the biosubwasses of eyelashes they use means that do not contain two harmful substances: ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. The procedure is harmless, the effect lasts up to two months. Based on the experience of those women who have already undergone such a procedure, a correction every three weeks is simply necessary, since eyelashes appear new, and they also need to be podged. For they can grow in the wrong direction. So who needs a biocoal and permanent staining (if these procedures are paired, the effect is simply stunning):

  • those who are long by nature, but straight eyelashes; - those who have short and drooping cilia - if the tips are bent, the visual effect of an open view is assured to you;
  • those who want after the build-up (or before it) to change the natural shape of their eyelashes;
  • those who have problems with individual, ugly growing cilia;
  • those who just really want a beautiful bend of their eyelashes.

The procedure lasts about an hour, but it all depends on what kind of preparations the master uses, and also on the eyelashes of the client. You have to remember one thing: if the procedure is done correctly, it is INFINITE and has no side effects

Briefly describe what you expect in the procedure of permanent dyeing and eyelash bio-eyelash. The master prepares the client - refills the hair so that they do not interfere with the hat, removes makeup, if the client still forgot the recommendations and made up her eyes that day. Then, the eyelashes on top are gently applied with a fixer for the semi-permanent carcass. It is a coating, giving the cilia even more volume, lengthening the eyelashes. This coating also serves to enhance bending. The field of this master uses silicone curlers for the eyelashes, and then the eyelashes are fixed to them. The master must choose the size of the curler based on the characteristics of the client's eyelashes, as well as the desired bending. At the base of the cilia the curlers are fixed. Each wizard with jewelry precision glues on the curlers and for ten minutes covers with a special composition for bio-waving. The composition is absolutely safe. After the due date the composition is removed, the curlers are removed. The next operation is a five-minute application of nutrient composition. While the client waits, the master explains very important points - after the procedure you should avoid contact with water 24 hours. It's all)) After you can visit the pool, and the sauna, you can sleep as you are used to. To enhance the effect of bio-zavivki customers offer immediately dye cilia semi-permanent ink. The lower eyelid is sealed for protection, and the client can choose: what does he want to see his eyelashes - with 3d or 2D effect? If you "clap your eyelashes and take off", then you need to ask the master for three layers of staining. After these procedures conquer any man will not be difficult, and the time to look amazing, you need now three times less.

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The price of permanent eyelash dyeing

The price issue depends on the salon in which you wish to conduct the procedure. Do not forget that everything depends on the master - ask for feedback on the procedure for permanent dyeing of eyelashes from those who have already done this procedure. Look for a good master. In expensive Kiev salons, such procedures can cost from 200 to 400 UAH. Eyelash biosubscription costs up to 600 hryvnia. In regional centers prices are naturally lower.

Reviews about permanent eyelash coloring

First of all, they are positive about the procedure of women who are engaged in the pool or are planning debts at sea. For them, the permanent eyelash staining procedure is the only chance to be beautiful forever. Many feel "not dressed" when the eyes are not painted. This feeling disappears, but a sense of self-confidence comes. There is another category of women who can not do without such procedures - these are always busy and hurrying women, especially those whose work is far from home. There is no time for collection - you also need to give valuable instructions to all the household to distribute, monitor the children. And in this case, the beauty of the victims does not require - an hour and a half in the cabin, and you save nerves and precious morning minutes. Cases of fragility of eyelashes and prolapses happen - but the reason for this is only avitaminosis or demodicosis.

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