Cosmetology for men

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Last reviewed: 20.11.2021

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Traditionally it was believed that men are less demanding about their own appearance and prefer simple and affordable means and methods of skin care. At present, the interest of men in their appearance has definitely increased, and the dermatocosmetologist is increasingly required to provide counseling and treatment to male patients. The tactics of the doctor depends on the correctness of the diagnosis and the timely external and systemic therapy of the underlying disease.

Anatomical and physiological features of men's skin

The thickness of the epidermis and dermis in men is greater, so the skin as a whole is denser than the female skin. Subcutaneous fatty tissue is less pronounced, and the amount of collagen fibers, on the contrary, is greater. Therefore, such clinical signs of skin aging as dryness, increased sensitivity, thinning, and the formation of superficial wrinkles appear later and less pronounced. Deep wrinkles and folds in men are formed much later, but they are more pronounced or more difficult to correct. Men's skin is characterized by a large number of hair follicles and sebaceous glands and; the tendency to the appearance of folliculitis, ingrown hair and comedones. The skin of men is more often exposed to aggressive factors of the external environment, especially UVD. With improper care, just like a woman, becomes "sensitive" and dehydrated

Recommendations for the care of men's skin at home

Regular, thorough but gentle skin care is required, including daily cleansing, moisturizing and adequate photoprotection. When choosing cosmetics, preference should be given to medicinal cosmetics. As the basic means for skin care, cleansing gels, mousses, foams or milk, toning liquids and thermal waters, as well as moisturizing creams appropriate to the skin type of the patient, should be used. Cosmetic products intended for the care of men's skin must meet certain requirements: to have anti-inflammatory and keratolytic action, to cause vascular reaction, not to change the acid-base state of the skin, not to have a comedogenic effect.

Principles of skin care for men in a cosmetology room

The choice of professional cosmetic products is determined individually and should correspond to the type of skin. All procedures under the conditions of a cosmetology room begin with cleansing the face and neck skin, while it is desirable to minimize the use of sponges, sponges, cotton wheels and rubbing movements. In the absence of contraindications, glycopiligins with different concentrations of glycolic acid, mechanical peelings (scrub creams), preferably with the marking "for sensitive skin", enzyme peels and ultrasound peeling may be recommended. As part of professional skin care, men can be recommended plastic massage for talcum, therapeutic massage for Jacquet or a short hygienic massage without rubbing movements. Preference should be given to moisturizing, cleansing, anti-inflammatory masks, removing reddening, having a soothing, relaxing effect and easily removable from the skin surface. A positive effect on men's skin is the use of collagen sheets and masks of a new generation such as "tissue floats in the water." When cleaning is necessary, cleansing masks with cyanoacrylates are applied. Before carrying out the face cleaning procedure, it is undesirable to steam the skin with hot steam. The procedure of "cool hydrogenation" is recommended. From physiotherapeutic procedures, patients are prescribed microcurrent therapy, iontophoresis, ultrasound with various anti-inflammatory and vasoconstrictive agents, cryomassage, disinfestation, darsonvalization, myostimulation, cosmechanics, photorejuvenation procedures, aromatherapy and other relaxing procedures. Recently, in the male cosmetology, various injecting techniques began to be used.

It should be cautioned to recommend vaporizatsiyu, peeling-brossazh, vacuum cleaning and vacuum facial massage, as well as ultraviolet irradiation.

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