What causes back pain?

Back pain after bowel movement and urination

Pain after defecation in the back can signal and problems with the spine in the lumbosacral portion, which strains in the process of bowel evacuation (osteochondrosis, tuberculous spondylitis).

Back pain after falling on the back

From any traumatic injuries no one is insured, this also applies to injuries sustained after a fall on the back. Most of the damage to the spine and spinal cord causes complete or partial loss of motor functions and sensitivity, paresis and paralysis.

Back pain after intercourse

Our contemporaries, especially urban residents, do not have a lot of physical activity. This leads to the fact that the problem of pain in the back arises in an increasingly young population.

Back pain after alcohol and smoking

Any person can feel the soreness in the back after an unregulated use of alcoholic beverages. In a state of intoxication you can fall asleep in a hard and heavy sleep in an uncomfortable position for a long time.

Back pain after antibiotics

Treatment for many diseases involves the taking of antibacterial drugs, however, some patients complain of back pain after the end of the course of treatment or even at the very beginning after some appointments of the prescribed medication.

Back pain after ailments

In general, back pain is caused by diseases of the spine itself - osteochondrosis, osteoporosis, scoliosis, congenital defects of the spinal column, inflammation, trauma and neoplasm.

Back pain after exercising

Even trained people after lifting an unusually heavy object, unexpectedly slipping, not having prepared properly the body and not coordinating correctly the movements can stretch the muscles of the back. In this case, back pain appears along the vertebral column along the entire length or in any area.

Back pain in the morning after sleeping and after eating

Causes of morning pain in the spinal column and / or soft tissues of the back after an overnight rest can be different - from the banal inconveniences of a bed to serious diseases.

Back pain after medical manipulation and surgery

Neither the pain intensity nor its localization is a sufficient diagnostic sign. To find the pathological causes that caused pain syndrome, or to exclude them, it is necessary to go to a medical institution and undergo a survey.

Severe back pain from below, right and left: causes

Spinal pains - a fairly common symptom that was previously considered a privilege of older people Bent, as they say, in three deaths, grandparents are considered a fairly common occurrence and this does not surprise anyone, because for many years their back had to endure many loads.