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Панорамный снимок зубов

If a person has a toothache, he rushes for help to a dentist and insists on treatment, not to delete the same value. But the dentist is not the Lord God, he can not see the state of the aching tooth from the inside.

Панорамный снимок верхней, нижней челюсти

Among the instrumental methods of examination in dentistry, dental orthopedics, and also maxillofacial surgery, the most informative is a panoramic jaw.


The essence of manipulation is the supply of contrast fluid in the cavity of the vessel with the parallel conduct of a number of X-ray photographs.

Рентген плечевого сустава

The X-ray of the shoulder joint is designed to detect damage that has occurred due to external or internal (various diseases) factors.

Рентген брюшной полости

X-ray of the abdominal cavity organs - radiography - is a traditional diagnostic method of clinical medicine based on localized irradiation with a minimum dose of X-rays, as a result of which projection images of the internal structures of the body are obtained.

Коронарография (коронарная ангиография)

Coronary angiography continues to be the "gold standard" for diagnosing coronary artery stenoses, determining the effectiveness of drug therapy, PCI and CABG.

Контрастная вентрикулография

Contrast ventriculography (VG) is one of the important catheterization angiography techniques. Ventriculography is the contrast of the ventricle of the heart with the recording of an image on a film or other recording device (videotape, computer hard or CD-ROM).

Контрастная дакриоцистография

Dacryocystography is also informative in the diagnosis of diverticulum, fistula and filling defects caused by stones or tumors.


Amniography is an x-ray method of research, which has the advantages over the conventional radiographic method that it is possible to diagnose soft tissue pathology, some gastrointestinal tract defects and skeletal pathology.

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