The Basics of Healthy Eating

Cow and goat's milk with erosive gastritis with high acidity

Milk is a product conceived by nature to nurture born babies as a means of prolonging life on Earth. It is produced by female mammals, including humans, and contains nutrients that provide everything necessary for the growth and development of offspring.

Milk in pancreatitis

The pancreas plays an important role in digestion. It releases enzymes that enter the duodenum, neutralizes the acidic environment of gastric juice, splits and processes food fragments, and the absorption of nutrients takes place.

Butter in case of stomach ulcer

The effect of vegetable oils in the stomach ulcer is known for a long time, they are effectively used in alternative and official medicine. But in the daily menu of each family an honorable place is occupied by animal fats, especially butter.

Sea-buckthorn oil with gastric ulcer

Of the variety of natural fats, sea buckthorn oil with gastric ulcer is highlighted by the special efficacy of treatment. Healing properties of sea-buckthorn were actively used in medical practice still Hippocrates.

Treatment of gastric ulcers with oils

Gastric ulcer is a very common problem. At the beginning of the disease, a mucosal defect arises, and then complications that are dangerous to the patient's life develop.

Cascade fasting for weight loss every other day

There are many methods of starvation, developed for therapeutic and preventive purposes, to get rid of excess weight.

Vegetable oils with pancreatitis: what can be?

One of the conditions for treating inflammation of the pancreas is a diet. Oil in pancreatitis is part of a healthy diet. Consider its types and useful properties.

Carbonated mineral water for gastritis: how to use for treatment

According to statistics, about 80% of people on the globe are susceptible to gastritis of different etiologies. The disease requires sparing food, excluding the acute, smoked, fried. The rules of nutrition are given a lot of attention, but the drinking regime is also very important.

What is more useful? Coffee or chicory?

People who are accustomed to starting the morning with an invigorating drink, usually choose between coffee and tea. The choice between chicory and coffee arises when doctors do not recommend invigorating remedies, and completely abandon the usual drink unbearable ... Let's look for an alternative?

Useful and harmful products for joints and cartilage

Joints provide mobility of the body. Flexion, rotation, movement, gesticulation are available if all components of the joint are normal. Injuries and other adverse factors adversely affect their performance.

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