The basics of healthy eating

Продукты, окрашивающие мочу в красный цвет: свекла, клюква

Change in the shade of urine can occur for quite commonplace reasons, not related to disease. Products that color urine in red, are present in almost everyone's diet.

Какие продукты понижают гемоглобин в крови: список

Most often we hear about the problems associated with low hemoglobin, but exceeding its norm is also an indicator that with the state of health, everything is not in order.

Какие продукты питания снижают холестерин: список

How much has been bad about cholesterol. And so much attention is given to him, that sometimes it can even seem as if it is the most important enemy of mankind.

Какие продукты понижают сахар в крови?

On a question to whom and why, except diabetics, you need to eat foods that lower blood sugar, we will answer with an example that is familiar to many, it simply did not attach importance to it.

Какую рыбу можно при панкреатите: сорта, рецепты приготовления блюд

A source of easily digestible and high-quality animal protein is fish. With pancreatitis, this product is authorized. Consider the rules and features of its application.

Продукты при заболевании почек: разрешенные и запрещенные

Kidneys exist in the body as a filter. The less harmful one enters the digestive organs, the less the load falls on the filters. Therefore, the diet should be dominated by products for the kidneys that benefit, clean and maintain the excretory system.

Полезные продукты питания для укрепления сердца и сосудов: список

It would seem that if people eat better, they live longer. Better in the understanding of many means - more satisfying, tastier and more. In fact, this is not so, especially for the cardiovascular system. On which, in addition to products for the heart and blood vessels, unfavorable affect stress, inactivity, unhealthy habits and lifestyle.

Продукты для восстановления печени, поджелудочной железы и почек

What does the human liver like? In the list of useful products for the restoration of the liver - both everyday and delicacies. Choosing their taste and afford, you should at the same time give up everything that brings the liver harm.

Продукты для восстановления гормонального фона у женщин и мужчин

It happens that the hormonal background is disrupted due to a lack or excess of some nutrients that affect the sexual sphere. Accordingly, the situation can be normalized in the same way by introducing into the diet products for the restoration of the hormonal background.

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