The Basics of Healthy Eating

Lemon for gastritis: is it possible or not?

The list of controversial foods includes fruits, in particular lemons for gastritis. Who can dispel doubts and create a healthy diet for the patient? Naturally, the doctor whom the patient trusts.

Nuts for gastritis: walnuts, pine nuts, cashews

Nuts are able to compensate for the lack of nutritional components, increase resistance to disease. What kind of nuts can be used for gastritis? From a large list on sales shelves

Broths for pancreatitis: chicken, vegetable, fish, beef

In the treatment of pancreatitis, a properly selected diet plays a huge role. In order to unload the pancreas, doctors recommend switching to a vegetarian diet from time to time. Such food does not contain fats, but only proteins and carbohydrates.

Cleansing the body with kefir

Without a doubt, such a fermented milk product as kefir, obtained by fermentation of pasteurized milk, is very useful, and some believe that it is even possible to cleanse the body with kefir.

Persimmon for gastritis

Persimmon for gastritis is not allowed for any form of the disease. And if we consider that almost 50% of the world's population suffers from gastritis, then the question of the possibility of using this fruit remains quite relevant.

Chocolate for pancreatitis

It's hard to imagine our life without chocolate. It was discovered long ago by the inhabitants of Central and South America, and it came to Europe later. And for more than half a century of history, it finally won our hearts and stomachs.

Tangerines for gastritis

Gastroenterologists believe that orange citruses should not be consumed with gastroenterocolitis, ulcers and erosion, because they can provoke severe pain and complications. With gastritis, the product is included in the menu only during the period of remission.

Cleansing the body with rice: recipes

Rice is found in many dietary systems. It, like a sponge, absorbs toxins that clog the intestines and removes them outside.

Greens for pancreatitis: what can and cannot be?

Inflammation of the pancreas - Pancreatitis requires a careful approach to nutrition. Many products are capable of harm, aggravation. Not all recipes and cooking methods are suitable.

Detox juices: benefit or harm?

It is said that vegetable and fruit juices, which are called detox juices, contribute to cleaning the body of harmful substances.


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