The Basics of Healthy Eating

Offal for pancreatitis: sausage, sausages, dumplings, pate

The choice of food offal for patients suffering from inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract is very limited. The fact is that many offal in pancreatitis can cause a sharp deterioration in well-being.

Dairy products for pancreatitis

Milk and various products from it are loved not only for taste, but also for nutritional value, the presence in them of the protein necessary for life, including albumins and globulins, essential fatty acids, lactose, vitamins, minerals, especially calcium.

Fruits for pancreatitis

To restore the function of the inflamed pancreas is possible only by adhering to a special diet. For patients with pancreatitis, a dietary table No. 5p has been developed, as the acute condition subsides, it is replaced by No. 5 with less strict nutrition rules.

Herbs and spices for pancreatitis

It is useful for everyone who has encountered inflammation of the pancreas to know which herbs and spices for pancreatitis can and cannot be used.

Apples for pancreatitis: baked, fresh, dried

The diagnosis of pancreatitis makes you have a special approach to your diet, because. The well-being of the patient depends to a large extent on this. At the same time, many food restrictions come down to insufficient intake of useful substances necessary for its functioning, which are abundant in fruits.

Chocolate for gastritis

In some cases, chocolate becomes a forbidden dessert. Chocolate for gastritis is from this category of products. Why?

Vegetables for pancreatitis: recommendations from nutritionists

A special dietary approach is also used to eat vegetables that may be present in the diet - in case of acute inflammation, its remission or chronic form of pancreatitis.

Can stew with gastritis?

For patients with gastritis, the most appropriate methods of thermal culinary treatment of food during cooking are boiling (including steaming) and stewing.

Garlic for gastritis

The general recommendation of dietary nutrition for inflammation of the gastric mucosa is to avoid eating foods and drinks that usually irritate it, and eating raw garlic for gastritis is also not recommended in most cases.


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