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Pancreatitis onions

It is impossible to imagine cooking without onions, and many people love it and just raw when it comes to salo or borscht. However, not every health condition allows you to use this vegetable.

Benefits and harm of mushrooms

After all, many mothers know that this is a very difficult food for the stomach, and will not the child be ill after using the mother of mushrooms? The question is very complex and it all depends on which mushrooms to eat and in what form.

Tomatoes with chronic pancreatitis: fresh, boiled and stewed

Often, all our culinary preferences overlook certain pathological processes in the body, especially if it concerns the organs of the digestive tract.

Fresh, braised and sauerkraut with gastritis: dishes and recipes

It is difficult to find a person who would not be disturbed at least once in his life by such manifestations as heaviness in the stomach, pain, eructation, heartburn.

Cucumbers in pancreatitis: is it possible or not?

The diagnosis of "pancreatitis" is associated with many gastronomic restrictions, tk. Is a defeat of the tissues of the pancreas, caused by inflammation of the organ.

Vegetables that enhance immunity

Garlic not only stimulates protective forces: on its basis, even drugs that are considered to be rejuvenating and prolonging life are prepared. The vegetable is combined, including honey.

Beet with pancreatitis

Compliance with diet is an important condition, without which it is impossible to recover from diseases of the digestive system. Not an exception and pancreatitis is inflammation of the pancreas.

Cabbage with pancreatitis: pickled, marine, color, Peking, braised, Bruxelles

As a child, many people liked to gnaw leaflets or a cabbage-stalk, like a well-known gray hare. And the parents at the same time also kindled the appetite, telling about how useful this delicious and juicy vegetable consisting of one hundred clothes without fasteners.

Pumpkin seed treatment: indications, contraindications

So, the raw seeds of pumpkin, rubbed with honey, have long been used as an effective anthelmintic.

Vegetables with gastritis with high acidity

Vegetables are the basis of a healthy diet. Vegetables with gastritis with high acidity are mainly used in boiled form, or wiped to the state of mashed potatoes.