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Beet with pancreatitis

Compliance with diet is an important condition, without which it is impossible to recover from diseases of the digestive system. Not an exception and pancreatitis is inflammation of the pancreas.

Cabbage with pancreatitis: pickled, marine, color, Peking, braised, Bruxelles

As a child, many people liked to gnaw leaflets or a cabbage-stalk, like a well-known gray hare. And the parents at the same time also kindled the appetite, telling about how useful this delicious and juicy vegetable consisting of one hundred clothes without fasteners.

Pumpkin seed treatment: indications, contraindications

So, the raw seeds of pumpkin, rubbed with honey, have long been used as an effective anthelmintic.

Vegetables with gastritis with high acidity

Vegetables are the basis of a healthy diet. Vegetables with gastritis with high acidity are mainly used in boiled form, or wiped to the state of mashed potatoes.

Vegetable parsnip

In the wild, it can be found in thickets of bushes or on mountain plateaus covered with mixed grass.

5 most useful recipes with onions

Not many people know that there are simply excellent recipes with onions. Virtually everything can be cooked from this vegetable.

Harm and benefit of onions

It is known that the use of onions for men is indeed observed. So, he is a strong male aphrodisiac. He is able to activate sexual desire and potency.

Varieties of corn

Going to the store, most consumers do not even suspect how diverse varieties of corn are.

Recipes from corn

The most common dish is cooked corn, which even a child can prepare for himself. However, this is just a small fraction of what this wonderful product has given us.

The Harm and Benefit of Corn

Allergies to corn may appear in the form of redness of the skin, rash, and itching all over the body. In this case, the favorite delicacy should be abandoned, because it can only aggravate the condition.

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