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Beet with pancreatitis

Compliance with diet is an important condition, without which it is impossible to recover from diseases of the digestive system. Not an exception and pancreatitis is inflammation of the pancreas.

Persimmon in pancreatitis: benefit or harm?

Many people like Persimmon - the taste of this fruit is tender and unobtrusive, incomparable to any other berry. In addition to taste, persimmon is also very useful: it has few calories, but many valuable microelements and vitamins.

Fruits for acute and chronic pancreatitis

Pancreatitis, or inflammation of the pancreas, which produces important digestive enzymes, is considered a disease of people with improper diet and diet, as well as those who abuse alcohol.

Fruits that enhance immunity

In everyday speech, the phrase "good immunity" or "weak immunity" is often found. Under the word "immunity" people understand something that protects us from various diseases: viruses, bacteria, infections, etc.

Cabbage with pancreatitis: pickled, marine, color, Peking, braised, Bruxelles

As a child, many people liked to gnaw leaflets or a cabbage-stalk, like a well-known gray hare. And the parents at the same time also kindled the appetite, telling about how useful this delicious and juicy vegetable consisting of one hundred clothes without fasteners.

Pumpkin seed treatment: indications, contraindications

So, the raw seeds of pumpkin, rubbed with honey, have long been used as an effective anthelmintic.

Berries with gastritis with high acidity

Fresh fruits and berries, as sources of natural vitamins, are always welcome on our table. It would seem, eat and enjoy. But is always juicy sour-sweet fruit beneficial? Whether it is possible to regale berries at a gastritis with the raised or increased acidity?

Lemon juice with water and soda for weight loss

Many people have heard about the lemon diet. Although biting the body with a lemon or lemon juice for weight loss is not everything. Perhaps this is due to lack of awareness about the properties and ways of using acid citrus.

Fruits with gastritis with high acidity

Gastritis is an inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach, which, with a prolonged course, is accompanied by its dystrophic changes. They are included in the violation of regeneration of the cells of the epithelium, their atrophy, the appearance of fibrous tissue.

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