Means against hair loss (baldness)

Hair loss treatment shampoos for men and women

Hair loss is a serious challenge for almost any person: men are afraid of baldness, and women are less attractive. And, despite the fact that today medicine has many methods to restore hair

How to stop baldness in men?

It is clear that all of the above methods for solving the problem of baldness are not used simultaneously and in different combinations, taking into account the type of alopecia.

Medicines for hair loss in men

I must say that the choice of drugs used for this purpose is relatively small, but their use allows men to successfully deal with their problem, even if hair preservation often requires long-term treatment.

Treatment of hair loss in men by alternative means

The doctor prescribes effective drugs, according to the type of alopecia identified during the diagnostic procedures and its degree, gives advice on the care of scalp and hair, and appoints the date of the next visit to monitor the treatment.

Essential oils in baldness: effective masks against hair loss

The real property and adornment of a woman are her hair. Thick, shiny, well-groomed, they always attract the attention of others. The owners of this gift are self-confident and proud.

Methods of hair transplantation

Hair transplant is a procedure during which hair from one part of the head is transplanted to another, where for some reason they are absent, representing a serious cosmetic defect.

Consequences and complications after hair transplantation

When we decide on some kind of radical action, we always expect a solution to our problem from him. Still, I want to understand that I had to endure for good reason.


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