Ampoules from hair loss and for hair growth

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Cosmeceuticals - ampoules from hair loss and for hair growth - when applying their contents to the scalp and rubbing it into the hair roots, act directly on the hair follicles.

Due to the simplicity of use, these products are in great demand: according to the American Academy of Dermatology, from 16% for men 18-29 years old and up to 53% of men 40-49 years old suffer from problems with hair loss. [1]How to determine the best ampoules from hair loss, the most effective and fast-acting? After all, all manufacturers - despite the available analogues - assure of unsurpassed and even unique qualities of their products.

Selective testing of medical cosmetics (which do not equate to clinical trials) is carried out at several dozens of consumers, which does not guarantee their effectiveness for all. True, in the EU there are general rules for Cosmetics Products Regulation governing the stages of product development (including the choice of ingredients), as well as determining the responsibility of manufacturers for its quality and safety.

But whether it is worth focusing on reviews that are full of sites of the relevant subject matter, decide for yourself: most often they are part of advertising and are designed for lack of awareness and credulity of customers.

Indications for use

Among the substances that contain ampoules from hair loss and for hair growth, there are both

Natural, of plant origin, and synthesized; Their various combinations are created in the laboratories of cosmetic companies, but most of the descriptions do not contain such characteristics as pharmacodynamics or contraindications for use - because they are not drugs.

Although the indications for use of all these tools include:

  • slow growth of hair on the head, their thinning and / or increased loss (due to the weakening of the hair follicles);
  • androgenic alopecia associated with the aggressive effects of dihydrotestosterone on the receptors of androgen-dependent hair follicles in the fronto-parietal zone of the scalp);
  • nesting or  focal baldness ; circular alopecia (Alopecia areata);
  • Seasonal and stressful hair loss or hormone thinning (during menopause, with polycystic ovaries, thyroid disease) or during pregnancy (due to biotin deficiency, which occurs due to its increased expenditure in the process of rapid cell division of the developing fetus);
  • hair loss after chemotherapy.

However, it should be borne in mind that these funds do not give effect in case of hair loss of diencephalic-infectious or autoimmune etiology, as well as associated with impaired sympathetic innervation of the scalp.

By the way, such a form of production as ampoules makes it possible to increase the concentration of solutions and minimize the addition of preservatives to them (which, of course, improves their skin diffusion) and provides an accurate single dose. Despite the differences in the composition of the ampoules, it is necessary to observe the recommended duration of their use, method of use and dose (explained in the attached instructions). In particular, the contents of one ampoule is applied directly to the scalp and is evenly distributed by massaging it at the roots of the hair.

Names of ampoules for hair loss, top products with amineksilom

We will not just list the names of ampoules from hair loss, the top - that is, the very top ones in their numerous lists, but we will try to bring the full composition of the fluids contained in them and the principle of operation of individual substances. It is unlikely that this will be a rating, but information about the components will help make a choice in favor of the most effective means.

What contain ampoules from hair loss and for hair growth?

Let's start with aminexil (2,4 diaminopyrimidine oxide), which contain as the main active ingredient:

  • Derkos ampoules - Dercos Aminexil Pro and Dercos Aminexil Clinical - by Vichy French company (Vichy Laboratories);
  • ampoules for hair loss Loreal amineksil - Aminexil Advanced L`Oreal laboratories:
  • Kerastaz (Kerastase Specifique Aminexil Force R) - ampoules of hair loss for men and women (trademark L `Oreal);
  • Ampoules Revivexil (Anti-Hair Loss Treatment Concentrate), Revlon Anti-Hair Loss, Indian Ampoules Matrix (MATRIX Biolage ScalpSYNC), etc.

Aminexyl, which has an international patent, but still not approved by the FDA (USA), is a vasodilator that activates blood circulation in the hair follicles and thereby restores their viability, preventing excessive formation of collagen around them (perifollicular fibrosis). However, amineksil can cause side effects in the form of hyperemia, peeling and itching of the skin in areas of application, similar to allergic dermatitis. [2]

Also in the Dercos (Vichy) ampoules there are: patented SP94 molecules (which penetrate the hair roots and transform into ceramides - the main hair lipoproteins); [3] the amino acid arginine (through the stimulation of the potassium channels of the cells dilates the skin vessels, contributing to better trophism of tissues) Vitamins for hair follicles that enhance nutrition of hair follicles from falling out in ampoules Vichy (Dercos Aminexil Pro) are represented by niacin (vitamin B3) and pyridoxine (vitamin B6).

If pyridoxine helps prevent the formation of dandruff, then nicotinic acid in ampoules from hair loss (synonyms - niacin, vitamin B3, PP, nicotinamide, niacinamide) - dilates blood vessels, that is, allows you to “feed” hair follicles. [4] In addition, as trichologists suggest, niacin reduces cholesterol accumulation in scalp sebocytes, which is transformed into the 5α-reductase enzyme, directly associated with an increase in dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and hair loss in men and women. See more -  Alopecia androgenetic

In addition to aminexil, Loreal Aminexil - Aminexil Advanced L`Oreal ampoules for hair loss - have a complex of amino acids - copper-tripeptide-1, similar to the GHK-Cu complex contained in biological fluids of the body. This complex helps stimulate hair growth by blocking the conversion of testosterone to DHT. [5]

Kerastase Specifique Aminexil Force R ampoules have two more important ingredients. First, it is rhamnose - natural deoxysacchar, a stimulating vascular endothelium growth factor (VEGF), which, in turn, increases the vascularization of hair follicles and increases their nutrition. [6]

Secondly, it contains the phytosterols madeacasinic (Asian) acid known from Ayurveda Centella Asiatica (Centella asiatica) - plants with antioxidant and lipolytic properties.

Instead of aminexil, a new patented substance stemoxydine (stemoxydine), which awakens dormant stem cells CD34 + near the skin surface, is introduced into the Vichy Dercos Neogenic ampoules and Kerastase Densifique ampoules (L'Oreal), which leads to an increase in the number and density of hair follicles. [7]

Ampoules with placenta for hair loss

Placent Formula (Italy), Placentrix (Farmagan, Italy) placental hair loss ampoules, Dikson Polipant ampoules (Dikson), and their analogues - Placenta Silhouette Plus Revitalizer (Schwarzkopf, Henkel Group, Germany), Placenta PLACO (UK) and others - contain biostimulating extract of animal placenta proteins (including amino acids, hormones and growth factors). [8]

Nutrition and oxygenation of the hair follicles can be improved due to the formation of additional capillaries in the skin and subsequent blood flow. But the result will be visible if these funds are applied daily and for a long time.

Therefore, experts warn that their use during pregnancy is contraindicated - because of the risk of developing tumors of the uterus or mammary gland, and use for children is unacceptable, since the hormones they contain can cause premature sexual development.

Placentrix classic intensive lotion (Farmagan, Italy) complements the action of the placenta with niacin, tocopherol (vitamin E, which normalizes blood circulation and strengthens the hair roots),  [9] stimulating plant extracts, and zinc, which is a cofactor of many enzymes that provide biochemical processes in the dermis and hair follicles.

Ampoules Dikson Polipant (Dixon) also contain emulsion of castor oil and wheat germ; nettle and red pepper extracts; niacin, pyridoxine, pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), inositol (vitamin B8).

Ampoules of hair loss, containing a dwarf palm extract

Fruits growing in the southeastern United States of dwarf palm serenoa (Serenoa repens), according to another classification called Sabal serrulata, have phytosterols - campesterol, stigmasterol, β-sitosterol, which reduce sebum production and 5α-reductase activity (see previous section), that is, are natural anti-androgens. They are also rich in unsaturated fatty acids. [10]

The fruit extract of this palm is part of the concentrate of Italian ampoules from hair loss Rinfoltil (Rinfoltil), BioKap (Naturalforme, France), Phytolium 4 Concentrate (Phyto, France), and also contains ampoules from hair loss for men Kemon Actyva P Factor System Uomo ( Italy).

In addition, Kemon Actyva ampoules have azelaic acid (also inhibiting 5α-reductase, has a pronounced anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect); [11] proanthocyanidins of red grape seeds (with antioxidant properties); [12],  [13] extracts of seaweed  [14] and Chinese camellia (i.e. Green tea, rich in catechins and ellagic acid, exhibiting the properties of phytoestrogens); [15],  [16] vitamins E and B6; zinc and copper chelates.

And in the vials Rinfoltil present: caffeine (to stimulate hair growth); [17] extracts of ginseng roots (enhancing the blood supply to the follicles),  [18] tea leaves and ginkgo biloba (to reduce the oxidative stress of cells)  [19],  [20] and nasturtium leaves (rich in selenium). [21]

Ampoules from hair loss Italian manufacturers

The prevalence of androgenic alopecia in men is 67.1%, in women - 23.9%. The prevalence and severity of androgenetic alopecia correlates with age in both sexes. [22] Up to 13% of premenopausal women have some signs of androgenic alopecia. However, the frequency of androgenic alopecia in women after menopause increases significantly, and, according to one author, it can affect 75% of women over 65 years of age. [23] Among Italians, the prevalence of androgenetic alopecia is estimated by experts at the level of 12.4% of the total population (higher in 12.8% only in Germany); for comparison in other countries: USA - 11.8%; Great Britain and Sweden - 11.7% each; Canada - 11.5%; Spain - 11%; Australia –10.3%.

So Italy produces ampoules for hair loss in large quantities and of different composition.

Keranove ampoules slow down hair loss, stimulate interstitial energy metabolism and accelerate the telogen phase thanks to 2-aminopentandinic (glutamic) acid, which provides cells with sulfur that activates hair growth. [24] Also in the composition is the Trichodyn complex, which includes isoflavones, terpenoids and tannins from the extract of the core of the pterocarpus marsupial (Pterocarpus marsupium) - an East Asian tree of the legume family. The tool is used no more than two times during the week.

Collistar Anti Hair Loss Revitalizing Vials for hair loss and hair growth contain the Trichogen VEG complex stimulating hair follicles, consisting of extracts of ginseng and burdock root, amino acids (arginine, tyrosine, ornithine), soy protein, biotin (vitamin B7 or H, promoting the regeneration and differentiation of epidermal cells), nicotinomide, pantothenic acid and zinc. [25]

Restores hair growth lotion, which contain ampoules Selective (Stimulate Intense lotion SELECTIVE) brand Selective Professional (Tricobiotos SpA). As indicated in the description, the lotion contains special complexes: stimulating ONcare StimulFLUX and protective DefenseFLUX with vitamins and plant extracts. Their main components include: flavonoid apigenin from lemon extract (to improve microcirculation),  [26] oleic acid extract from the roots of the Hemsley amabilis plant of the pumpkin family (inactivates the 5α-reductase enzyme),  [27] amino acids (glycine, histidine, lysine) and biotin.

Also under this trademark are ampoules from hair loss for men Powerizer lotion, the stimulating effect of which is provided by caffeine, menthol, turmeric, an extract from guarana fruits (Paullinia cupana), ginger and angelica root extracts (Angelica archangelica). It is recommended to conduct courses of treatment twice a year, route of administration and dosage: three times a week apply the contents of one ampoule to the skin for three months.

Extracts of ginger and calamus roots, as well as eucalyptus oil, menthol, piperine, sodium hyaluronate, glutamine and a set of vitamins are part of the solution, which contains Optima ampoules - OPTIMA Hair Loss Treatment.

Vitamins C, E, B1, B5, B6, niacin, biotin, cypress and safore essential oils, as well as camphor and menthol contain ampoules of Constant from hair loss (Constant Delight).

Kaaral Lotion K05 lotion or K05 ampoule improves blood circulation and trophism of hair follicles due to extracts of mountain arnica, nettle, tea tree essential oil and capsaicin bitter pepper. [28]

Ampoules for hair growth

Strengthen the roots of the hair ampoules Ducrey - concentrated lotion Ducray Anastim (Ducray laboratories, France), which contains biotin, nicotinic acid, vitamin E; GP4G (diguanosine-tetraphosphate) complex regulating the activity of the enzymes, as well as plankton extract (Artemia extrax) and the root of the prickly needle (Ruscus aculeatus), which is rich in plant steroids.

1 month Hair Loss Therapy ampoule concentrate, Yves Rocher reduces sebum production and stimulates microcirculation of the scalp due to the presence of extracts of white lupine (leguminous plant with a low content of isoflavones)  [29] and Ayurvedic herbivoreniya (Swertia chirayita) gentian family.

Spinning extract is also used as part of ProYou Anti Hair Loss Treatment (Revlon Professional) ampoules. In addition to it, this remedy includes rosemary extract (reflexively expanding the skin capillaries)  [30] and an extract from the cones (seed fruit) of the hop, a source of phytoestrogen. [31]

Extract of horticulture seeds in combination with pantothenic acid - the active ingredients of Kapous Professional lotion, which contain ampoules Kapus (made in the Russian Federation).

Salerm ampoules (Salerm, Spain) - Salerm Biokera Intensive Specific Hair Loss Lotion - promote hair growth through local exposure to terpene compounds,  [32] fatty acids and phytosteroids of rosemary, thyme, bergamot and African plum (Pygeum africanum) extracts.

Ampoules Joc (JOC Energizing Treatment), Ariva Skin Care (USA) - strengthen hair follicle papillae and counteract their age-related atrophy. Among the active ingredients, the manufacturer refers to a vitamin complex, cinnamon,  [33] ginger extract and sulfur-containing amino acids, including cysteine  [34] (making up one-third of the hair proteins) and methionine. [35] It is proved that cysteine helps stimulate hair growth, and methionine increases the intensity of blood supply to the scalp and hair follicles.

Stimulate microcirculation in the scalp and aminoslot tyrosine,  [36] which is contained in its solution Phyto ampoules (Phyto) or Phytocyan ampoules from hair loss (PhytoCyane Revitalizing, France). Also in the list of the active components of this tool are extracts of ginkgo biloba and viburnum bark, polyphenolic compounds of red grapes (procyanidins), pantothenic acid and pyridoxine. [37]

Ginkgo biloba extract, methionine and biotin contain ampoules Priorin Bayer (Germany).

Ampoules from hair loss from Faberlic (Faberlic JSC, Russia) contain a concentrate consisting of a complex of Procapil (biotinyl-GHK + citrus flavonoid apigenin + oleanolic acid from the roots of the Chinese Hogweed Heracleum hemsleyanum diels). Also in the solution are pantothenic acid, soy lecithin  [38] and essential oil of Chinese symmondcia (jojoba).

The phytocomplex in ampoules produced by the Russian Federation “First Aid Kit Agafi” - the ampoules of Grandmother Agafi - is represented by oil from black currant seeds, wheat germ and rosehip; oil extracts of nettle and milk thistle seed (Silybum marianum); rosemary essential oil and vitamins A, E and F.

Storage conditions and shelf life

The optimal conditions for the storage of ampoules from falling out and for hair growth is a place remote from sources of heat and light, temperature - from +15 to + 25 ° С.

On the packaging of each product manufacturers indicate the final shelf life of ampoules. The opened ampoule is not to be stored: its contents are used as a single dose.


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