Treatment of hair loss in men by alternative means

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Last reviewed: 17.10.2021

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Alopecia, although considered a medical problem requiring consultation of a trichologist, the question of  how to stop baldness in men is decided primarily at home, i.e. Treatment in the hospital is not required (except that it is a question of lichen or other contagious infectious pathologies). The doctor prescribes effective drugs, according to the type of alopecia identified during the diagnostic procedures and its degree, gives advice on the care of scalp and hair, and appoints the date of the next visit to monitor the treatment.

But realizing that even strong drugs can not solve the problem of baldness in men once and for all, especially since such drugs can not be taken for a long time, doctors are not limited to these purposes, because natural preparations and alternative treatment can be no less effective than traditional methods . And as prevention of recurrences of hair loss, home remedies for  baldness in men are  not inferior to those of classical therapy.

Most importantly, choosing alternative recipes to combat baldness, pay attention to the components of the alternative remedy. They should pursue 2 goals: to stimulate blood circulation in the scalp and to carry nutrients to the hair follicles.


Let's start with the simplest - with a kitchen large salt (mono take both cooking and sea salt). Salt from hair loss in men is used as an effective massage component, which among other things has bactericidal properties, controls the production of sebum, softens the hair. Clean hair and scalp pre-wet, then light massage movements cause salt on the scalp, leaving it for 10-20 minutes, then rinse with water without detergents.

Salt for massage and rubbing can also be used in combination with other useful ingredients: olive oil, honey, tincture of red pepper (the strongest hair growth stimulant), nettle extract, etc.

When alopecia in men, salt is recommended to be included in the composition of therapeutic masks:

  • Salt (2 tablespoons), kefir (1/2 cup), yolk 1 egg. The mixture is applied for half an hour to the head under the film, after which it is washed off with shampoo.
  • Mineral water (1/2 cup), almond or olive oil (1 / tsp), wheat germ oil (1/2 tsp), salt (1 tbsp). Keep on the head, warming, about an hour, then wash off with water and shampoo.

Salt masks and rubbing should not be done more than once a week.

When we talked about choosing an effective shampoo, we did not mention that any suitable skin type can be made curative if you add components such as sea salt, burdock oil, vitamins to it. Salt can also be added to hair rinses as an emollient and antiseptic.

Mustard from alopecia in men and women

This is another budget option for solving the problem of using kitchen stocks. Mustard (and in the recipes used mainly powder from the seeds of the plant) due to its irritating effect is able to activate blood circulation and metabolism in the scalp, awakening bulbs that are in dormant state. In addition to preventing hair loss and increasing growth, mustard provides disinfection of the scalp and removes excessive fat.

Mustard for the treatment of baldness is used mainly in the form of masks:

from hair loss

  • We take dry mustard (1/2 tablespoon), kefir (1/2 tbsp.), Yolk of one egg. The mixture is applied to the scalp for half an hour under the film once a week. Wash off with water and shampoo.
  • We take dry mustard (1 tablespoon), warm water (1 tablespoon), sugar or honey (1/2 tablespoon), fresh yolk (half), burdock oil (1 tablespoon). We put the mixture on the scalp and keep it as long as we can, but not more than an hour. It must be remembered that the sweeter the mask, the more burning it will be for the skin. Apply the mask 1 time in 5-7 days, if the scalp is dry, then the interval is increased to 10 days.
  • Stir 1 tablespoon. Dry powder of mustard in the water-vodka mixture (100 ml of water and vodka or cognac). On the head keep the mask for 5 minutes, then wash off with a warm water.
  • Dilute in two tablespoons of water 1 spoonful of yeast (dry). When they are swollen add 1 spoonful of honey and mustard. We keep the mask on the head under the film for half an hour, then wash it off with water and shampoo.

for hair growth

  • For complex multicomponent masks we take 1 tsp. Mustard powder, mixed with warm water to the state of gruel, add 2 tablespoons. Freshly squeezed onion juice and 1 tbsp. Aloe and garlic juices. Finally, we introduce into the composition 1 tbsp. Honey and mix all the ingredients. The mixture is not just applied to the scalp, but slightly rubbed, and then left for 1.5 hours, well wrapped head. We wash off the mask with water and shampoo.

In the last mask we see ingredients such as onions, garlic and aloe. It must be said that for the treatment of alopecia these products are used in other combinations.

Aloe in the case of baldness in men 

It is useful due to its rich vitamin composition (vitamins A, C, E, group B, beta-carotene). It is in these vitamins that a hair bulb needs to be able to reproduce new strong hair that will grow actively, making the hair look magnificent and beautiful. In addition, the plant is considered an effective antiseptic and is able to heal wounds and damage to the skin. Not in vain because aloe juice can be found in the composition of many carers.

The juice of this houseplant, squeezed from a leaf of a three-year-old aloe, aged in the cold for 10-12 hours, can simply be rubbed into clean scalp a couple of times a week, not flushing, for at least three weeks.

But you can also strengthen your hair and using masks. For example, masks of yolk, honey, aloe juice and garlic. Aloe juice and honey we take in an amount of 1 tablespoon, add to them whipped yolk and 1 tsp. Garlic juice. The mixture is rubbed into the head and left for 20 minutes, after which it is washed off with water and shampoo.

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Garlic and onions

It is equally useful in alopecia in men and garlic, which, when applied topically, irritates sensitive receptors, thereby strengthening blood circulation and activating the hair follicles. According to the vitamin composition, garlic is hardly inferior to aloe. Phytonutrients in the composition of garlic promote the restoration of hair color and structure, remove sebaceous plugs, stimulate growth and renewal of hair.

The easiest way is to massage the balding areas in the evenings with a cut garlic clove, while trying to squeeze out the juice from it. Next, take burdock oil, add to it the ether of coriander (a few drops) and massage the head, rubbing this mixture. Such procedures should be done every day for at least 4-5 months.

Alternatively, you can include aloe juice in the various masks used to strengthen and grow hair, and experienced trichologists recommend adding this useful ingredient to shampoos for regular hair care. By the way, doctors also advocate for including garlic in the daily diet, which will also positively affect the condition of the hair, nails and skin, and also help prevent many diseases. For an adult, the use of 3 cloves of garlic a day is considered the norm.

Onions may contain fewer vitamins useful for hair than garlic and aloe, but it contains many useful trace elements, natural antibiotics phytoncides and saponins that enhance hair growth. It is not surprising that onions are so actively advised to use in hair loss in men and women. However, the disadvantage of this treatment is an unpleasant onion aroma, but the result is worth it.

The simplest way to treat alopecia with onion is to apply to the scalp its gruel, which is recommended to add a couple of teaspoons of natural honey. Keep the composition on the head for about 1 hour, after which the head is thoroughly washed with water and detergent.

Juice of onions can also be used as part of multicomponent strengthening masks. For example, mix the juice of a small onion with mayonnaise, olive oil and honey (we take all the ingredients in the amount of 1 tbsp). On the head of the composition we keep for an hour, not forgetting to wrap it up beforehand.

To strengthen the roots of hair, you can mix the medium-bulb juice with the chicken raw egg (pre-whisk), 1 tsp. Clove oil and 2 tbsp. Sour milk (kefir, yogurt, with a dry head it is better to take sour cream). The composition is heated in a water bath and applied to the head, leaving for half an hour (wrap the heat).

Hot pepper

Quite often in the recipes from hair loss figures and pepper. Usually, alcoholic tincture is used, which is prepared independently or purchased at the pharmacy. The most popular are recipes, where the tincture of pepper is mixed in a proportion of 1: 1, 1: 2 or more with vegetable oils (sea-buckthorn, castor, olive, etc.) or water with the addition of effective essential oils. As an option, you can mix in a 1: 2 ratio tincture of pepper and balm rinse and apply to the scalp for a quarter of an hour, wrapped around his head with a warm kerchief.

Masks with hot pepper, which must be kept on the head for 1-2 hours, is a rather cruel treatment for alopecia, because the burning sensation can be quite strong and will have to be patient. But the results of such treatment are impressive.

Essential oils

Essential oils often appear in prescriptions for baldness in men and women. And this is not surprising, because the healing properties of various esters have long been used in non-traditional medicine. Oils can be used to strengthen hair in a pure form, as well as in a variety of nutritional and firming masks.

It must be said that popular burdock oil is not the only effective against baldness in men. Quite often in the composition of masks include olive and castor oil, which prevent drying of the skin. Useful for hair due to its rich vitamin-mineral composition is also the oil of flax seeds. Nutrition of scalp and hair roots contributes to coconut oil.

One of the most powerful means for strengthening and stimulating hair growth is almond oil, which along with cumin oil is actively used in the treatment of alopecia. But to improve the condition of the scalp helps oil jojoba and sea buckthorn.

As for essential oils (esters), which doctors do not recommend in their pure form (they are added to masks and lotions several drops), then esters of rosemary, tea tree, lemon, bergamot, mint, lavender are considered the most valuable for the treatment of baldness in men , coriander. They all have a beneficial effect on the scalp, without increasing its fat content, improve hair nutrition and stimulate their growth.

Masks with essential oils are prepared on the basis of base oil (for example, olive, almond or castor) and components rich in vitamins and minerals. For the treatment of alopecia in such masks, it is always recommended to add egg yolk (or whole raw egg), and the essential oils to be injected into the finished composition by 3-5 drops.

As we already mentioned, trichologist doctors positively relate to the use of folk recipes against balding in men. And even can advise some of them as additional treatment and prevention of relapses. Of particular interest are recipes that combine pharmacies (most often nicotinic acid) and non-drug components.

Here are some examples of such vitamin masks:

  • 2 tsp. Aloe juice, 20 drops of tincture of red pepper (3 pods per 100 g of vodka, insist for a week), 2.5 tbsp. Any vegetable oil, 1 ampoule of nicotinic acid.
  • 1 tbsp. Burdock oil, 0.5 ml of retinol, 10 drops of vitamin E, 1 ampoule of nicotinamide.
  • 30 g of honey, 40 ml of olive or castor oil, 1 egg yolk, 1 ampoule of nicotinic acid.

Herbs from Alopecia

It is used in the fight against alopecia in men and herbal medicine. Treatment with herbs is considered quite justified, given that extracts of many plants are included in professional hair loss shampoos. And the experience of our grandmothers says that rinsing hair with herbal decoctions helps to strengthen them.

Herbal decoctions for rinsing hair can be applied after washing your head or applying to it therapeutic masks. The most popular in this regard are the decoctions of the roots of burdock and nettle leaves. A decoction from the roots of burdock and ayr is a good strengthening effect.

What other plants will be useful for combating excessive hair loss? Alternative healers recommend cooking decoctions of cones of hops, oak and willow bark, thyme, plantain, sage, lungwort, chamomile. Herbs can be used both individually and as part of the collection, which will help to combine the effects of different plants and strengthen the effect of the recipe.

A good remedy for hair loss is also an alcohol tincture of calendula, which you can prepare yourself or buy in a pharmacy (quite a budgetary tool). Tincture before use, dilute with three parts water. Tissue tissue is moistened in solution and applied to the area of hair loss every other day. Keep such a compress for about an hour. It will be useful in seborrheic alopecia.

It should be said that alternative recipes, unlike some medications, are universal, so they can be used with success by the whole family if necessary. The main thing is to pre-check the product on a small area of the skin. If you feel a burning sensation, itching, redness and swelling of the tissues, it is better to choose another recipe ..

Such an allergy test not only protects against unpleasant sensations and rashes on the skin, but also helps to avoid increased hair loss caused by activation of the immune system. The appearance of the symptoms described above can be both evidence of an allergy, and the fact that a man has too sensitive scalp. In any case, it is better to abandon the application of the chosen remedy.

Another important advice: to consult about the selected recipes with a doctor who knows about the contraindications to the use of individual components of masks. This will be a good prevention of complications of already existing diseases on the background of treating the problem of hair loss. It is necessary to understand that such treatment will be long, and in the presence of contraindications can have unfortunate consequences.

Homeopathy in Hair Loss in Men

Hair loss at an early age in members of the stronger sex can be called pathology, but this is not a disease. And even if it's not about the physiological, but the pathological causes of baldness, the loss of hair is only a symptom of the disease. Not to mention the fact that androgenic alopecia is not even a violation in the full sense of the word. It is clear that in a condition that does not affect the physical health of a person, do not really want to take strong drugs. Chic head of hair is hardly worth it for the sake of her to acquire a lot of health disorders, including the loss of male power. Therefore, to combat the problem, men turn to more gentle methods, for example, to those that homeopathy offers them.

What kind of homeopathic drugs can help with baldness in men? There are many single-component drugs that a homoeopathic doctor can prescribe in connection with various symptoms of baldness. So, with the early appearance of balding areas and graying hair, Lycopodium will be useful. Treatment of rare hair on the background of dry skin is carried out through the preparation Kalium carbonicum. If against the background of the appearance of the bald spots yellowish dandruff is formed, Kalium sulfuricum comes to the rescue. Phosphorus and Acidum phosphoricum will be useful in diffuse baldness against a background of stress and intense experiences. And Selenium comes to the rescue with hair loss on the head and body.

But I must say that doctors prescribe this treatment less and less, because today there are many complex homeopathic medicines that help not with one particular problem, but in the case of baldness that has arisen under the influence of several factors at once. In addition, such drugs contribute not only to health and hair growth, but also improve the skin condition.

Here are examples of such multi-component homeopathic medicines:

  • "Selenzin" is a preparation in the form of tablets or granules, which along with a shampoo having the same name, is actively used in the treatment of symptomatic (diffuse) and seborrheic alopecia in men and women. Its action is aimed at improving the blood supply and nutrition of the skin and hair from the roots. This helps to increase the diameter of the hair (it becomes thicker and stronger), reducing the amount of hair in the telogen phase and increasing the number of actively growing hairs.

In the composition of the preparation we find the following components in the potency of C6: Selenium, Phosphorus, Lycopodium, Tallium aceticum, Kalium phosphoricum and Alumina. The sodium chloratum in the preparation is represented in the C30 potency.

Depending on the form of the release, one tablet or 8 pellets are used at a time, which is best taken before meals, holding it under the tongue until it engulfs. Multiplicity of admission is 3-5 days. The course of treatment is about 2 months with a weekly break and the possibility of repeating the course after 1-2 months.

  • "Reeboliton" - a complex drug used to combat brittle nails and hair loss. Alopecia and seborrhea are indicated in the indications for the use of the drug.

The composition of the preparation is identical to the previous one, although almost all components are presented in higher dilutions.

Assign a drug of 5-8 granules under the tongue four times a day. The drug should be taken half an hour before meals or an hour after eating. The course of treatment with the drug - 1 month, although in the future you may need supportive courses.

  • "Alopeton" is a homeopathic preparation with a more modest but no less effective composition: Acidum Fluoricus, Selenium, Silicea. His task is to improve the trophism of the head tissues, normalize nutrition and hair growth, and stabilize the nervous system.

In the indications for the use of the medication, there were noted: focal and diffuse alopecia against the background of stresses and malfunctions in the immune system, premature hair loss in men with androgenetic alopecia, alopecia caused by diseases of the internal organs.

Take the drug you need 5 granules 1 time a day in the morning every other day. It is better to do it for half an hour before eating. The minimum course of treatment is 4 months with the possibility of recurrence after a one-month break.

  • "Keranorm" complex No. 18 is a homeopathic remedy that affects blood circulation and microelement exchange in the tissues of the head and hair follicles. It is indicated for the improvement of hair growth and reduction in the number of hair falling out in baldness in men.

As a part of the preparation, we find Silicea and Acidum phosphoricum in C6 potency, as well as Tallium acetylum C30 and Selenium C12.

Take the granules need 3-5 pieces under the tongue outside meals. The minimum course of treatment is 2 months.

  • "Tallium-plus" is a homeopathic remedy effective at the first signs of alopecia, even if it is a question of androgenetic alopecia (up to 6 months). It contains a complex of 6 mono preparations in the potency of C6: Tallium acetylum, Phosphorus, Sulfur, Graphite, Selenium, Silicea, where Phosphorus helps to fight even the manifestations of nest alopecia, and Sulfur and Grafites treat dryness and rashes on heads.

The drug should be taken on 8 granules 5 times a day for half an hour before meals. The course of treatment is 8 weeks, although the first results should appear after 2-3 weeks.

Contraindications complex homeopathic preparations practically do not have, though it is preferable to take them all the same to adult patients. Thus it is necessary to understand that in the first days and weeks of treatment there may be an increase in hair loss, itching on the head, dandruff may appear, which is a normal process of treatment. After a while everything will work out, and the first improvements will appear.

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