Recipes for homemade hair loss shampoos

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A simple and useful replacement of store detergents and restorative products can be prepared at home. To strengthen hair, many women are actively using ingredients such as baking soda powder, clay, mustard powder and mustard oil, and raw egg yolk. [1]Recent studies have shown that water-soluble peptides of chicken egg yolk stimulate hair growth by inducing the production of vascular endothelial growth factor.[2]

We offer you a few popular and simple recipes.

  • Take one tablespoon of mustard powder, diluted in 500 ml of warm water, applied to hair. You can gently massage. There should be a slight burning sensation - this is normal, you should not rush with flushing: this is how the activity of the hair follicles is stimulated. Next, rinse your head with plenty of warm water.
  • Take one or two egg yolks, remove the thin shell (so that it does not get tangled in the hair), put on wet hair, massaged. It is washed with warm water (not hot!), Then rinsed with water with the addition of vinegar or lemon juice.
  • Mix two tablespoons of dry clay and warm water, to a creamy state. Additionally, you can add a little essential oil (optional). The tool is distributed over the scalp, held for a couple of minutes and washed with water and lemon juice.
  • Mix the baking soda with water, put on wet strands, massage. Wash off with warm water with lemon juice or apple cider vinegar. You should not worry: the curls will not be greasy, they will be perfectly washed and even strengthened.

Herbal Hair Loss Shampoos

Most natural herbal products do not contain harmful components of SLS, SLES and parabens, which can cause irritation of the eyes, skin, oral toxicity. [3]At the same time, the percentage of “naturalness” of these products can be close to 100%, for example, this refers to special ayurvedic cosmetics, Indian washing products. And this is not just a natural hygienic cosmetics, but medicinal preparations to improve the health of the skin and hair.

Which of these herbal products can be easily purchased, for example, in the nearest pharmacy?

  • Burdock shampoo - this product is produced by many cosmetic companies. It is affordable, and its effectiveness in weakening and hair loss has been proven many times. Burdock (a burdock) activates local blood circulation, strengthens hair follicles, prevents fragility and cross-section. The most famous manufacturers of such a shampoo are Elfa Farm, Pharma Bio Laboratories, Aromatics, Grandma Agafi's Recipes, Dr. Sante.[4]
  • Jinda Herbal Shampoo - Thai cleanser, representing a series of products for the treatment of alopecia, fungal lesions, as well as to improve hair growth. Jinda not only stops hair loss, but also slows down the process of gray hair, nourishes the skin and adds radiance and shine.
  • Shampoo with red pepper provides an irritating, regenerating and strengthening effect, stimulates the activity of hair follicles. Capsaicin contained in red pepper activates receptor-1 (VR1 / TRPV1), which control the growth of hair in humans. [5]Capsaicin also has anti-sclerotic effect, increases the metabolic rate, has a protective antioxidant effect on the liver in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. [6]The effectiveness of this product is really amazing, but its use is not shown to all people. For example, contraindications are the tendency to allergies, excessive sensitivity of the skin, wounds or scratches in the head, the presence of rashes or pustules, too dry tips, frequent irritation of the skin under the scalp. If after applying such a tool there is a pronounced burning sensation or pain, and the skin turns red, or a rash appears, then this drug does not suit you, and you will have to give it up.
  • Onion shampoo on the mechanism of action is somewhat similar to pepper remedy. However, its effect is still softer, and it is perceived more easily. Onion preparation strengthens weak curls, activates metabolic processes, nourishes and nourishes the skin and hair follicles.[7]

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Mummy for hair loss

It strengthens the hair follicles of the mummy well: all you need to do is add a few pills to your favorite washing preparation and use it as usual.

In addition, you can additionally make masks with mummy, for example:

  • Mix 1 g of mummy, raw egg yolk, 20 ml of castor oil, 5 ml of natural apple or grape vinegar and the same amount of glycerin. Distributed over the hairy and skin of the head. Wash off with warm water after 40 minutes.
  • Mix 1 g of mummy, 10 ml of burdock oil, 5 drops of essential oils of citrus, lavender and tea tree and the contents of two ampoules of nicotinic acid. The holding time of the mask on the head is 40-45 minutes.
  • Mix 1 g of mummy, 10 ml of coconut oil, 10 g of ginger powder. Spread over hair and skin, incubated for half an hour, wash off.
  • Mix 2 g of mummy, 10 g of ground burdock rhizome, 10 ml of burdock oil. Add a little warm boiled water to get a homogeneous mass. Apply on curls from the roots, washed off in half an hour.
  • Mix 2 g of mummy, 100 g of pureed cranberries, 5 g of honey, cup of warm water. Apply on the scalp and the entire hair length, stand 40-50 minutes.

Often it is not recommended to perform such procedures, it is enough once or twice a week. Users say that the first success can be seen after 2-3 applications.

Tar shampoo

A tar shampoo is a specific product that not everyone likes, primarily because of its fragrance. However, in terms of its beneficial properties, this detergent is superior to many expensive products. The tar preparation is suitable for owners of any type of hair coat, it perfectly nourishes the skin and cures minor imperfections, moisturizes and restores. This tool can not only wash the curls, but also used in the form of a mask: they wash the head and soak for about five or six minutes, then wash off the foam with warm water.[8]

It is worth noting that the preparations with tar have been used for many decades to combat baldness and improve the condition of the skin and hair. The tar product is a more modern, convenient and affordable invention that has already helped many and many people regain the beauty of their hair.

But we must not forget that products with tar can cause allergies. Therefore, the first application should always be neat and careful.

Oil shampoo for hair loss

In order to restore health and stop hair loss, many use a variety of oils - natural products that bring maximum benefit. The most common are:

  • Castor oil; [9]
  • burdock oil;
  • olive or sea buckthorn oil; [10], [11]
  • oils of flax, coconut. [12], [13]

You can use an oil mixture of several ingredients, add lemon juice to the detergent. Such treatment is carried out by courses of 10-14 procedures (once every three days, or once a week, depending on the severity of hair loss).

Can be added to detergents and essential oils. It usually takes just a few drops to provide a healing effect. The most popular essential oils for hair loss are:

  • lavender (tones, has anti-inflammatory and regenerating properties, promote hair growth.); [14]
  • rosemary (stimulates local metabolic processes, restores follicles); [15]
  • citrus (nourishes, stimulates growth); [16], [17]
  • sage (different anti-inflammatory and sedative effects, used for the prevention and treatment of diseases such as obesity, diabetes, depression, dementia, lupus, autism, heart disease and cancer); [18]
  • thyme (has a bactericidal action, disinfects). [19], [20]

To obtain the desired effect, it is enough to add 25 oil drops to 100 ml of your favorite detergent product.

You must first test for an allergic reaction: a drop of the selected oil is dropped on the skin of the wrist and monitor the reaction for several hours. If the reaction is not followed (the skin does not turn red, it does not appear itchy or burning), then you can add oil to the detergent composition.



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