Cosmetical tools

In the management of patients with a cosmetology profile, a specialist should keep in mind that changes in the skin are more or less associated with a variety of changes occurring in the body as a whole. In particular, this applies to various skin diseases, as well as its premature aging. In a number of cases, in the treatment of many dermatoses, with skin reactions of age-related changes in the skin and other aesthetic problems, cosmetic procedures should not be confined only, but it is necessary to decide whether to prescribe both external (local) therapy and general exposure agents.

Creams for the face without harmful additives

Sometimes women prepare such funds in person, according to their own recipes. But the cosmetic industry does not lag behind consumer demand and produces more and more organic products that meet the criteria of naturalness. It is this kind of cosmetics that best preserves youth and beauty.

Vitamin C face creams

To be healthy and not to suffer from colds, the body needs vitamin C. This is known even by children, savoring delicious ascorbic, which is a concentrate of vitamin C. Adults, especially women, appreciate the vitamin for its excellent cosmetic properties, in particular - a beneficial effect on skin cover.

VV creams: methods of use and rating

Advertising promises, with regular use, and completely complete disappearance of spots, wrinkles, color improvement - in general, the approach of the face to the ideal kind.

Creams from age spots

Various creams from pigmented spots help to level the tone of the face, as well as completely get rid of the unpleasant depigmentation, which greatly spoils the appearance.

Creams with hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is a unique synthetic substance that has a beneficial effect on the structure of collagen fibers. This property is actively used by cosmetologists when creating anti-aging creams.

Argan oil: properties and applications

The unsaponifiable part of the argan oil contains mono- and polyunsaturated fatty omega-acids (oleic, linoleic, alpha-linolenic, stearidone), as well as saturated fatty acids (palmitic, stearic, myristic).

Creams from sunburn

Many of us know that the ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun are harmful to the health of the skin. Therefore, in order to protect themselves from their negative influence, experts recommend buying sunscreen.

Hypoallergenic creams

Hypoallergenic cream serves as a salvage for people who suffer from a dermal allergy. It is the best skin care product of high sensitivity.

Cosmetics based on thermal water

Cosmetics based on thermal water is the best you can imagine. After all, these funds are very carefully treated with skin.

Sun protection means

Baby skin is very delicate, here you will have to choose one of the best means of protection. This and many other things will be discussed below.


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