Cosmetics based on thermal water

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Last reviewed: 10.08.2022

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Cosmetics based on thermal water is the best you can imagine. After all, these funds are very carefully treated with skin. They do not cause irritation, allergic reaction and other negative consequences.

Such products are rich in minerals and trace elements. Moreover, they contain a whole range of the most important natural elements that restore the skin's hydrobalance and nourish it from the inside. Calcium ions can have a powerful effect, aimed at adherence of epidermal cells to each other. They perfectly restore and maintain optimal hydration, improve respiration of the skin, strengthen its protective functions. In addition, thermal water contains other elements - calcium, iron, fluorine, magnesium, sodium.

Cosmetics based on water can be varied. Production does not end directly on the face and skin sprays. It can be creams, balms, lotions and even shampoos. Thermal water is applicable in many areas of cosmetology.

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Cream on thermal water

The cream on thermal water is a unique invention with a number of positive properties. So, you can apply it together with other cosmetic lines. This will achieve a truly stunning effect.

The composition of this cream includes not only thermal water, but also many other nutritional components. This remedy can soothe the skin, moisturize and refresh it. But you can apply the cream only after using the thermal water. This product is not applied to make-up. It is not capable of giving freshness to a person when cosmetics are on it.

As mentioned above, use the product with other products. In this case, the effect will be simply unbelievable. The main thing is that all purchased drugs belong to the same cosmetic line. When choosing to pay attention to the expected effect and properties of the cream. In general, the thermal water that is part of such a facility is really capable of much.

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Shampoo in thermal water

Shampoo in thermal water is a first-class invention. To date, there are quite a few different cosmetic companies. But not every of them can boast of a specialized line of cosmetics, which includes thermal water.

Shampoos on the basis of this component have a number of positive properties. Most importantly, they do have a beneficial effect. They are able to bring the hair in complete order.

Shampoos, including in their composition, thermal water strengthen the structure of hair and roots. In doing so, they give the curls an intense shine and volume, and nourish and strengthen hair bulbs. These cosmetics are great for daily use. As a result, the hair becomes healthy, shiny and strong. You can use such cosmetics, regardless of age. Thermal water in the shampoo is another step towards healthy and strong hair.

Balm on thermal water

Balm on the thermal water remarkably strengthens the roots and structure of the hair, strengthens the hair bulbs, provides extra volume and shine to the hair, makes the hair obedient. Use it is recommended together with shampoo. In this case, you can get really incredible effect.

Balm can be used daily. As a result, the hair looks healthy, shiny and silky. The active ingredients that are contained in the balm are really good. Thermal water saturates the hair and scalp with mineral substances, strengthens the roots and structure of the hair.

The brewer's yeast extract gives the curls an intense shine and strengthens the hair follicles. Multi-vector conditioning system provides hair with extra volume and shine, makes the hair obedient. Talk about this tool can really be a lot, but it's worth making sure of its positive properties yourself. Thermal water, included in its composition will clean up absolutely any curls.


Thermal water with hyaluronic acid

Thermal water with hyaluronic acid was created on special equipment using modern Nanotechnologies. All this significantly increased the ability of the water molecule to overcome the epidermal surface layer of the skin, and moisten deeper layers.

The product has a tightening, moisturizing and tonic effect. It can remove irritation, puffiness, redness, cool the skin and refresh it. Immediately after application, the appearance improves and the turgor of the skin increases.

You can apply the product at any time of the day, even on top of makeup, as well as in the morning and evening under a cream. The composition of the remedy includes: black currant bud extract (rich in flavonoids, amino acids and vitamin C), Aloe Vera juice (softens and moisturizes), raspberry extract (the best antioxidant known), apple extract (vitamins B, C, E , pectic substances, microelements), hyaluronic acid (one of the most expensive ingredients in the world used in cosmetics, the best known moisturizing agent for the skin.). Naturally, the main component is thermal water.

Peeling mask on thermal water

Mask peeling in thermal water is a great tool that combines gentle exfoliation, deep cleansing and active skin nutrition in one procedure. This cosmetic product is based on thermal water, which perfectly saturates the skin with moisture and vital minerals and trace elements, increases the elasticity and elasticity of the skin.

Extract of thermal microalga increases the healing effect of minerals, supplying the skin with active substances. They, in turn, improve the regeneration of the skin, enhance cellular respiration and rejuvenate it. The finest marine scrubbing particles of the red coral-like alga Lithothamnium carefully and efficiently clean the pores, remove dead cells and improve the smoothness of the skin. The curative effect of the vegetable soothing complex provides a comfortable sensation even for sensitive and prone to irritation of the skin. The effect is noticeable after the first application. Despite such a number of positive moments, the mask in the composition of which includes thermal water is used with extreme caution.


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