Cosmetical tools

In the management of patients with a cosmetology profile, a specialist should keep in mind that changes in the skin are more or less associated with a variety of changes occurring in the body as a whole. In particular, this applies to various skin diseases, as well as its premature aging. In a number of cases, in the treatment of many dermatoses, with skin reactions of age-related changes in the skin and other aesthetic problems, cosmetic procedures should not be confined only, but it is necessary to decide whether to prescribe both external (local) therapy and general exposure agents.

Thermal water

The most common product is a spray. True, not all people understand the purpose of this remedy. The fact is that this is a real natural tonic for the skin.

Cranberries in cosmetology: for skin, face and hair

Useful berry promotes the improvement of complexion, and also tightens the skin, gives it firmness, softness and healthy appearance.

Stamps and the rating of decorative cosmetics

There are many cosmetic brands, each of which produces its own type of decorative cosmetics. Let's look at the most popular brands of decorative cosmetics.

Decorative cosmetics

Decorative cosmetics - this is an obligatory component of cosmetics for every beauty. To make-up cosmetics include foundation, lipstick, shadows, mascara, blush and other beauty products.

Luxurious cosmetics

Elite cosmetics, what is its advantage over conventional cosmetics. Why is elite cosmetics so expensive and is it really made of natural ingredients? Let's look at the features of elite cosmetics, what kind of makeup is it and what is the best cosmetic brand?

Means for artificial coloring of skin

For the purpose of persistent artificial tinting of the skin, various chemical compounds are used, as well as permanent make-up.

Masking and camouflage means

Correction of various appearance defects, including manifestations of a series of dermatoses and their consequences, was always in the focus of the interests of mankind. The centuries-old experience of using various means of decorative cosmetics by many peoples, varying from epoch to epoch, is well known.

Means that reduce pigmentation (bleaching)

Means that reduce pigmentation, or bleaching, are widely used in hyperpigmentation of various genesis: melasma (chloasma), lentigo, freckles, post-inflammatory pigmentation and other conditions.

Means for hair and scalp care

For the care of hair and skin of the scalp, there are means for cleansing, cosmetic preparations for hair care after washing, means for fixing hair, photoprotective, etc.

Photoprotective agents

Photoprotection is a broad concept, implying a complex of measures aimed at reducing the impact of UFOs. First of all, the use of exogenous and endogenous photoprotectors is shown.


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