Creams for the face without harmful additives

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Last reviewed: 10.08.2022

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Creams for the face without harmful additives contain a maximum of natural ingredients. Sometimes women prepare such funds in person, according to their own recipes. But the cosmetic industry does not lag behind consumer demand and produces more and more organic products that meet the criteria of naturalness. It is this kind of cosmetics that best preserves youth and beauty.

Creams for the face without parabens

Parabens are chemical substances, although they are present in the bark of oak, and in blackberries, lingonberries, blueberries. However, the absolute majority of parabens used in cosmetology have a synthetic origin. They are formed from para-hydroxybenzoic acid.

Why are parabens so popular? The fact is that they have a harmful effect on fungi and microorganisms, that is, they possess preserving properties, and this is of great interest in such areas as food industry, pharmacy, cosmetology. With the help of parabens, producers of food, medicine, cosmetics for a long time prolong the shelf life of their products, which without using preservatives quickly deteriorates, bringing losses instead of profits.

The main harm of synthetic preservatives is carcinogenicity and allergenicity, therefore the European standards limit their quantity.

As an alternative, those wishing to lead on the market brands produce organic products. In facial creams without parabens they are replaced with vegetable preservatives, to which belong:

  • vitamins E and C;
  • propolis;
  • bark of oak, birch, pine;
  • seaweed;
  • extract of grapefruit, birch leaves and bird cherry;
  • eucalyptus oil and tea tree.

These substances provide a two-year shelf-life of facial creams without harmful additives.

Natura Siberica brand produces 95% natural creams, the quality of which is confirmed by laboratory tests.

  • Day cream "Moisturizing and protection"

Contains lavender water, rice powder, karite oils, apricot, jojoba. The cream quickly absorbs, softens, soothes, moisturizes, nourishes the skin, provides elasticity and matting.

The product is intended for women after 18. The advantages are that the cream combines at least three factors: naturalness, efficiency and safety. They note its economy, pleasant consistency, efficiency in dry and sensitive skin.

The disadvantages include high cost; some do not like the smell and feel of the film on the skin.

  • Cream-concentrate from the first signs of aging

Contains the extract of northern black caviar, 3d collagen, polypeptide, hyaluronic acid and ferulic acid, etc. These components activate cell renewal, smooth out facial wrinkles, improve the tone and protective properties of the skin.

The cream is created for women from 25 years. Advantages - active components provide action in four directions: replenishment of energy and water balance, enhanced hydration and nutrition.

Disadvantages are not described.

  • "For sensitive skin" with rhodiola rosea

Contains Rhodiola rosea, vitamin P, allantoin, hyaluronic acid, melissa and chamomile extracts, SPF-20. The cream has a moisturizing, soothing, softening, protective, anti-inflammatory, firming action.

Designed for women, age is 18+. Advantageous - affordable price, saving on application, good soaking, no allergenicity.

The disadvantage of the cream is a certain deterioration in quality, in comparison with the previous samples, marked by consumers. This applies to products manufactured in another country.

 The natural biocosmetics for sensitive and allergic-prone skin is produced by LOGONA Germany. The British company REN produces noteworthy cosmetics without parabens and other synthetic components. One of the leaders of organic cosmetics is also the brand Dr. Hauschka.

Creams for face without silicone

Silicone is extracted from sand, using chemical transformations. Acquired popularity with industrial cosmetologists as a component that makes products plastic, resistant, easy to use. Silicone consistency is very gentle, promotes easy absorption, without stickiness on the surface of the skin.

When using cosmetics with silicone in the hair, there is a film on the skin that prevents breathing and absorbing the necessary trace elements. Accumulating, silicone clogs the skin pores and provokes comedones.

Face creams without harmful additives, namely - without silicones, are produced by many companies wishing to eliminate these deficiencies.

  • The brand "Modum" offers a wonderful cream "Vetka sakura"

It is recommended for daily care as a universal anti-aging agent.

"Sakura branch" contains extracts of flowers of the same name and ginseng, which belong to the active antioxidants. Substances relieve toxins, regulate cellular renewal, eliminate "spiders" near the eyes and lips. Nutrient components support cell membranes and intercellular structure, which increases the natural elasticity of the skin. The face becomes smooth, smooth, unreceptive to adverse external influences.

The cream is useful to women who are over 35. The customers appreciate the remarkable quality of "Vetka": when applied twice the product acts on the skin almost around the clock.

The disadvantages include smell; he disappoints those who, instead of the fragrance of the sacred Japanese tree, feel a cucumber aroma or chemically jerky jasmine.

In addition, the expected effect of regeneration and rejuvenation, according to reviews, is late: after one tube of cream, there are almost no positive changes on the face.

  • "Moisturizing care" - cream for face without silicone, mineral oils, glycerin, synthetic preservatives

The cream contains vegetable oils, natural moisturizers, vitamins. Provides intensive moisturizing; Useful for normal and combination skin. In a short time solves the problems of dryness, peeling, irritation.

Age restrictions are not specified.

Advantages: a gentle texture, remarkable moisturizing and soaking, without stickiness and a feeling of tightness.

Disadvantages - high price and a harsh smell.

  • Spring Moisturizing face "Cucumber" - a cream that gently cares about the beauty and youth of the female skin

In the composition - extract of cucumber, aloe vera gel, hydrovans, glycerin. Active substances moisturize and tone, replenish moisture and saturate with nutritional components, refresh and soften the skin, giving it a healthy appearance. Gidrovans for a long time delays water in deep layers, and glycerin makes the skin soft and silky.

"Cucumber" face cream without silicone is suitable for any age.

Advantages: quickly absorbed, moisturizes and mats, does not contain indelible silicones and mineral oils; well under make-up, pleasantly smells; the budget price.

Disadvantages: not found.

Face cream without glycerin

Glycerin is widely used in medicine, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. In appearance it is a colorless viscous substance, a liquid consistency. Glycerin is extracted in two ways - from plant raw materials or by synthesis.

Cosmetologists use glycerol due to its moisturizing qualities, that is, hygroscopicity: it attracts tenfold amount of moisture and retains it for a long time.

However, in fact, this property is a double-edged sword. The fact is that glycerin is "all the same", where to get water from. Therefore, at low humidity, the substance begins to take away moisture from the skin, so instead of additional moisture, it dries it. To prevent this from happening, glycerin in the cream should be a moderate amount (optimally - 7%). But usually firms do not declassify their recipes, so the concentration of an ingredient is judged by its place in the list: the higher it is, the more the substance.

  • Face cream without glycerin "Olive oil, red grapes" is classified as an organic preparation

Created on the basis of olive oil, with the addition of extracts of grapes, lemon, lavender, sea kritmuma and rose water. Humidifies the deep layers, has antiseptic and therapeutic effects, acts as an antioxidant.

There are no age restrictions. Advantages - natural Greek olive oil in the cream; complex action of active ingredients on the face; the effect of renewal of the skin with constant application.

Lack of cream is a relatively high price.

Bezglitserinovyh creams very little. In any case, it is problematic to find information on such problems.

STEAMCREAM uses only natural substances of high quality, obtained directly from the manufacturers.

The composition of facial creams without harmful additives of this brand includes the following ingredients: oat infusion, cocoa butter, jojoba, sweet almonds, chamomile, neroli, orange tree extract and fragrant water from its flowers, lavender essential oil, rose petals extract.

  • Moisturizing STEAMCREAM KIKUNOEN - an elite organic preparation with excellent moisturizing properties

Created by a unique method - mixing components manually by pair. Light texture makes it the ideal face cream without glycerin, and also suitable for hands and body.

In the arsenal of STEAMCREAM - a whole list of such creams: FIONA, ORIGINAL, SHOU, YUAN, SPLASH, MARIAGE, MADAGASKAR. Creams are produced by the same technology, contain only natural ingredients, suitable for any age.

Advantages of facial creams without harmful additives - natural, excellent moisturizing and nourishing properties, gentle consistency, thanks to which the creams are absorbed without residue and greasy film.

To the disadvantages can be classified as prices, but natural cosmetic products made in this way, a priori, are not cheap.

Another source of living organic cosmetics is preparations from Greece, the creators of which used old recipes for phyto-and aromatherapy. Modern specialists created eight product lines for all occasions, including for skin with special needs, as well as a male line for "recovery and balance".

Greek cosmetics contains ethereal and natural oils, plant extracts, vitamins in specially selected proportions. Infusions of organic herbs that grow on the fabulous island of Crete, replace the usual water. It is no coincidence that the lines are named after the mythical goddesses and gods (Hera, Athena, Artemis, Demeter, Hermes, Zeus).

  • A cream rejuvenating and restoring for a mature skin from a line "Hera" - an easy cream for humidifying and updating of a fading skin

Contains valuable essential oils - roses, sandalwood, myrrh and incense, which actively resist pigmentation, wrinkles, loss of skin elasticity. Extraction of oats instantly tightens muscle cells.

According to myths, Hera, the wife of Zeus, was considered the guardian of the family and women. Even in adulthood, she was portrayed as young and beautiful. The eponymous cream is addressed to this category of women.

Advantages: the cream acts, twice when applied, around the clock: it activates regeneration, struggles with premature aging, gives the face an internal radiance.

No shortcomings were found.

Cream for a face without a smell

Creams for the face without a smell are especially actual at pregnancy when at women tastes sharply vary, and yesterday still liked aroma today causes full aversion, a nausea and a vomitive reflex. What to do, after all, you still need to look after the face?

The only salvation is face creams without harmful additives, in particular, without perfume and perfumes.

GREEN PEOPLE offers a sufficient choice of such cosmetics, including expensive.

  • Day and night creams are odorless, for all skin types, especially sensitive, with 89% of organic ingredients

The formula includes the components of evening primrose, avocado, squalene, extracted from olives, green tea, baikalin, algae. Such a composition maintains the skin around the clock, fuels everything necessary, balances the moisture balance and gently softens.

The cream is universal in the sense of age.

Advantages: absence of smelling components; naturalness of the composition; lightness and softness of texture. Products are produced in small batches, so that the consumer gets all the freshest. The company takes care of the environment, so even the packaging of its products is subject to recycling.

The price of cream is medium. There is no information about shortcomings.

  • "Rosacea" from Provence Sante France - a cream for the care of sensitive skin, which is under the influence of harmful environmental factors

In the composition - extracts of blueberries, coral moss, oats, frankincense, flower water of waffle, almond oil. Active ingredients activate blood circulation, almond oil and oat milk soothe and protect the skin. Daily care with the help of the drug eliminates inflammation, redness, discomfort (tingling, burning).

"Rosacea" does not set age limits.

Advantages: melting structure; barely perceptible natural flavor; round-the-clock action.

The disadvantage is the high cost.

  • "Chamomile" face cream without harmful additives from Meela Meelo - a protective and nutritious food, especially useful in winter

"Chamomile" face cream does not contain perfume additives and other chemical ingredients. The creators of the product took as a basis the oil extract of chamomile, added olive and almond oil, flower essential oils, olive wax, water to the recipe and received a rich and at the same time delicate texture.

The cream is created for mature skin, prone to excessive dryness.

Advantages: beneficial effect on the skin; absorbed, leaving no film; the price is affordable.

Negative qualities were not observed.

Face cream without oils

Among the products from Israel, created on the basis of the Dead Sea minerals, there are also facial creams without harmful additives. Creams for a person without oils contain the designation Oil Free.

  • "Light Day Cream" : cares for normal, oily and combination skin

In addition to minerals, the formula contains sea pearls and plant extracts. The main ingredient is pearl powder, it contains more than two dozen amino acids and the same amount of microelements, vitamins D and B. This is an effective biostimulator designed for women after 35 years of age.

Advantages: gentle texture and the same flavor; easily absorbed, leaving a feeling of freshness; does not clog pores; moisturizes and renews cells.

Disadvantages: high cost.

  • Moisturizing cream from Dr Dennis Gross is a real bestseller of the American brand, yet not well known

Ideal for fat and combi-skin. Contains aloe, glycerin, squalane, soy isoflavones, vitamins, antioxidants, phospholipids.

Sufficiently moisturizes the area near the eyes, so you do not need a separate cream. Moisture lasts all day. Copes with preventive tasks regarding facial wrinkles.

Age is not limited.

Advantages: convenient packing, protecting from contact with air and microbes; an elusive smell; instant absorption.

Disadvantages: very high price.

  • Cream Neutrogena Visibly Clear (France)

Active component of salicylic acid eliminates cornified epidermis, dissolves skin fat, smooths out the hue. Due to the lack of oils, the pores do not clog even in the summer, and the face does not feel any discomfort from the sticky film. When applied to the face, a feeling of cooling occurs.

Age restrictions in the annotation are not specified.

Advantages: reasonable price; improves complexion; eliminates post-acne; prevents comedones.

Disadvantages: not found.

Face cream without fragrances

As the French say, the best smell is a lack of smell. This opinion is shared by many women who prefer facial creams without fragrances and minimally flavored the rest of the makeup.

Face creams without harmful additives are reminiscent of the time when women understood the benefits of medicinal herbs and prepared the drugs themselves for health and beauty. Decoctions, wax, powdered roots were mixed in various combinations and proportions, and the family secrets of eternal youth were transmitted along the female line from generation to generation.

A modern woman from a huge number of products can choose a remedy for taste and value. Products without fragrances are produced by organic companies; one of them - a relatively new Meela Meelo, in the production of which there are exclusively natural, environmentally friendly ingredients.

  •  "Tenderness" - a day cream specially for complex summer care

Consistency resembles a tender souffle that easily penetrates the dermis; a sense of hydration and lightness is preserved.

In the composition - floral glycerin, mineral water, oil extract of nettle, almond oil and a composition of essential oils. Softens, moisturizes, enriches with nutrients. With systematic application, a person at any age acquires a healthy and attractive appearance.

Advantages: without chemical additives and other synthetics; instantly absorbed, suitable for preparing a face for make-up.

Disadvantages: a barely noticeable aroma is felt, but from natural raw materials, not artificial fragrances.

  • "Amaranth" rejuvenating cream - is created on the basis of an extract of amaranth, in which there is vegetable squalene, and avocado wax.

Contains also shea butter, olive wax, complex of essential oils. Smoothes wrinkles, maintains elasticity and protective properties of the skin.

"Amaranth" is intended for dry mature skin.

Advantages: pleasant consistency; visible improvement in appearance with regular application.

No shortcomings were found.

  • "Shine" is a moisturizing and nourishing cream used for combination skin

The combination of essential oils provides anti-inflammatory and toning effects; lactic acid refreshes and levels the tone; floral glycerin is able to prevent the occurrence of wrinkles. Among the active ingredients - rosemary hydrolyte, calendula oil, wax from olives.

It is applied at night, at any age; helps tired skin to relax and be enriched with useful ingredients.

Advantages: a combination of a gentle consistency with a saturation of nutrients. Does not form a film, it provides easy matting.

No shortcomings were found.

  • "Calendula" - a cream for daily care

Contains substances used since ancient times for this type of skin: grapefruit wax, calendula and grape seed oil, bouquet of essential oils, carob gum. "Calendula" perfectly moisturizes the skin and narrows the pores.

Applicable without age restrictions. Indications - combined skin, prone to high fat content.

Advantages: it serves simultaneously as a means for make-up; Does not shine and does not give the feeling of a film; the skin becomes clear of pimples and unevenness of tone; gives a lasting feeling of freshness.

No shortcomings were found.

  • "Bird cherry lemongrass" - an original matting cream for combined, as well as oily skin

Lemon sorghum oil regulates pores and keeps from inflammation. Matting provides a hood of bird cherry. Wax of rice bran acts as a tannin component. Complement the useful complex of locust bean gum and a bouquet of vegetable oils.

An important advantage of "Bird cherry-lemongrass" is that it is an excellent foundation for make-up; Due to this property, the everyday tonalnik is not needed. Gel-like state provides economy, and most importantly, soon - a fresh face.

Disadvantages: in some cases, as practice shows, it is necessary to impose two layers at night. But this does not reduce the economy and remarkable characteristics of the cream.

It should be emphasized that all the mentioned Meela Meelo brand creams, in the absence of chemical preservatives, should be stored in the refrigerator and not longer than six months.

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Face cream without alcohol

Alcohol in cosmetics is denoted by the word alcogol. Alcohols are different, and they act on the skin in different ways.

Typical ethyl alcohol for organic products is derived from wheat, sugar cane, grapes. Also use a group of fatty alcohols (the most common - cetyl, cetearyl), which are made from palm or coconut oil. They play the role of thickeners, so the recipes are related to technical ingredients.

Cosmetologists and pharmacists use denatured (with toxic effect), aromatic (constituents of essential oils), propylene (petrochemical products) alcohols. The latter are best avoided.

In short, alcohols have their pros and cons. When choosing cosmetics, you can not blindly be afraid of this word. It is better to understand the composition correctly, giving preference to facial creams without harmful additives.

  • Polish moisturizing cream "Chamomile + collagen and elastin" from Belle Jardin is suitable for all skin types

As the name suggests, the composition is saturated with the most useful ingredients for the skin. They have a beneficial effect on the face: give the skin moisturizing, increase firmness and smoothness, soothe and protect against inflammation.

It is useful for women from 35 years, especially with dry and sensitive skin.

Advantages: the budget price; absence of alcohol; perfectly removes irritation, heals and renews cells; permanently provides freshness and comfort.

No shortcomings were found.

  • Spanish moisturizing cream of Mediderma brand is used for dehydrated mature skin

Active ingredients: aloe, Indian fungus, alpha-bisabolol, shea butter, vitamins E. Such a composition saturates with moisture, removes liquid from the intercellular space, restores the water balance. The cream tones, heals, stimulates regeneration, slows down aging, activates enzymes.

It is recommended for mature skin.

After application, the skin is smoothed, facial wrinkles and pores decrease; the cream deeply moisturizes, nourishes, softens, relieves itch and refreshes.

No shortcomings were found.

  • Tonal cream produced by the UAE Lancome Photogenic Lumessence

Contains elastomers, mother of pearl, active moisturizing complex. The skin is smoothed from them, the pores noticeably decrease. Pearl components excellently scatter light, maintaining the color and radiance of the face for a day. The protective factor protects against photoaging.

Age does not matter.

Advantages: light texture, comfortable feeling; fast effect of radiance, youth and beauty; affordable price.

No shortcomings were found.

Face cream without chemistry

Face creams without chemistry - the dream of every woman, alas, in modern industrial cosmetology is almost unachievable. For such simple reasons:

  • Firstly, a completely natural cream is poorly absorbed and glossy on the face;
  • secondly, depending on the composition, it can have an unpleasant smell;
  • third, without preservatives quickly deteriorates.

However, this does not mean that there is no way out. Some women resort to recipes that can be made at home. After all, homemade face creams without harmful additives can be cooked to the extent of need, in small portions, and always used fresh.

Industrial production requires a reasonable combination of natural and synthetic components. Since quality products are impossible without emulsifiers, emollients, preserving ingredients, the main thing is that these supplements are safe for health - not allergic, not toxic.

According to experts, cosmetic production can do without smell and color, that is, dyes, fragrances, fragrances. Moreover, it is these components, which give an attractive presentation, most often provoke allergic reactions.

It should, however, be borne in mind that natural substances have their own smell and shade, and this, accordingly, affects the appearance and aroma of organic cosmetics. But, as a rule, these are unsharp aromas and pastel colors.

The general rule when choosing cosmetics is to navigate by composition. If the chemical components are located at the end of the list, it means that their concentration is low or quite insignificant, therefore it does not pose a danger to the skin, nails, or human hair.

Pharmacy French cosmetics La Roche-Posay in thermal water, with unique components of natural origin, developed in conjunction with dermatologists.

  • Ultra-moisturizing Nutritic is for dry and very dry skin

The microelement of selenium contained in the water from the thermal spring is a natural antioxidant. It activates the cellular metabolism, regulates the moisture balance, protects cells from oxidation. Acidity of water is close to neutral, due to which the product is suitable for any type of skin.

The drug Nutritik soothing and soothing affects the skin, eliminates its irritation, peeling and itching.

The cream has no age restrictions.

Advantages: efficiency for over-dried skin; absence of preservatives (shelf life is maintained through sterile clean production).

Disadvantages: for the care of aging skin is a constant use.

  • P9 - probiotic skin care cream from Nova Sphera

Probiotic called friendly microorganisms, which are often destroyed in the process of fighting harmful microbes. Nova Sphera offers products with probiotics, including a hygiene line, which is presented as the newest standard in this field.

It is believed that probiotic bacteria repeatedly increase natural protection against adverse factors and maintain the microbiological balance of the organism. Therefore, the cream increases local immunity, heals wounds, rejuvenates. He takes great care of women's, men's and even children's skin. For example, eliminates adolescent pimples and irritation after shaving.

The cream is suitable for all skin types of any age.

Advantages: safety; suitable for the whole family; positively affects the whole body.

Disadvantages: not described.

  • "Matrix of health" - a nutritious cream with a complex of substances Pepha-Natrix from cow colostrum

The cream is made using the "Aires" technology. The strong side is a harmonious combination of active substances, including unique ones.

The natural complex contains a whole bouquet of useful substances, which preserves the youthfulness of the skin and the naturalness of the color. Karite fruit oil is absorbed better than other cosmetic ingredients, improving the synthesis of collagen, protecting from light, healing the skin. Bormwood oil is useful as a reducing component. Vitamins A, E renew the epidermis, regulate the lipid balance.

The cream is intended for nutrition, recovery, prevention of age-related changes on the mature skin of the face and neck. Suitable as a nighttime remedy for all skin types.

Advantages: multifunctionality (protection during cold season, regeneration after sunburn, final cream after mask); affordable price.

Disadvantages: for daily care should be used with tonic.

Face cream without lanolin

Lanolin is a viscous fatty substance, almost identical in composition to human skin fat. Get it when cleaning fat from sheep's wool. Cosmetologists use purified anhydrous lanolin, which has excellent properties: nourishes, softens and moisturizes, protects from the external environment, keeps a lot of moisture in the skin.

However, in its pure form, lanolin is not recommended. What are the properties that adversely affect the skin?

Lanolin forms a film on the skin, which stops the metabolism and the excretion of by-products outwards. The film glues the dead cells, prevents the skin from breathing, clogs the pores. It also belongs to allergens, so the skin from it inflames, turns red, flakes off, and then gradually loses moisture and fades.

It is because of harmful properties that children's creams should not contain lanolin. Some women use this and apply the remedy for babies as a face cream without harmful additives.

What kind of creams for a person without lanolin offers adult cosmetics?

  • The well-known brand Green Mama produces cream "Pure skin" (with cowberry and string)

It contains a whole bunch of natural oils (sesame, wheat germ, karite) and extracts: cowberries, alternatives, a composition of essential oils.

Oils nourish and soften, rejuvenate, eliminate inflammation, protect from the sun. Cowberry extract is a natural preservative and antiseptic. The extract of the string eliminates acne and acne, relieves allergy.

Not the least role in the composition is played by water, which contributes to moistening and elasticity, the processes of renewal and rejuvenation.

The cream copes well with elimination of consequences after treatment of skin imperfections; pleasant for daily care; tones and matures for the whole day, and also suitable as a basis for make-up.

The product is intended for women with sensitive and combined skin.

Advantages: economy; affordable price; pleasant unobtrusive smell; attractive composition.

Disadvantages: too large packaging (100 ml); when deposited a slightly larger dose forms a film.

  • Polish cream "Pani Valeska" with liposomes for dry and normal skin

A popular daytime moisturizer from the Miraculum brand series. It looks like a gentle emulsion. Contains water, urea, oils, providing the optimal level of moisture; smoothes and strengthens the skin, slows down the aging process.

Action: moisturizing; increased elasticity; Smoothing of wrinkles; preservation from adverse external influences.

The famous once "Pani Valeska" is intended for those over forty.

Advantages: gentle consistency; intensity and long-term impact; brand reliability.

Disadvantages: not found.

  • Whitening anti-aging day cream with rejuvenating effect spf 15 Mades Cosmetics Skinniks

The product from this collection effectively levels the shade, brightens the hyperpigmentation, moisturizes the skin.

The whitening complex returns a natural shade due to oppression of tyrosinase activity, which affects the formation of melanin.

Applied humidification technology has a double effect, regulating the loss of moisture depending on external factors and strengthening the skin barrier.

Recommended age is from 45 years.

Advantages: a combination of moisturizing and clarification; protection from ultraviolet radiation; matte effect.

Disadvantages: to save the results you need to use the full set of the Skinniks series; high price.


Elite brands of facial creams without silicone

Elite cosmetics guarantees fast, effective and reliable disposal of defects, age and other problems. Many people are willing to pay for this result any money, and cosmetologists willingly meet them. They work closely with related specialists, and in their laboratories create unique formulas - on a scientific basis, with a maximum of natural components (at least 70%); using all sorts of medicinal substances of vegetable and animal origin, produce whole product lines that are not only effective, but also safe for the body.

Korean cosmetics conquers the world, because oriental people know how to surprise. First, introduce into the composition of unexpected ingredients (snake venom, snail, algae); Secondly, they combine several functions in creams. For example, a moisturizing face cream without harmful additives at the same time serves as a remedy for scratches and burns. The popularity of Korean products is added moderate prices.

  • Gure universal Pure Eco Aloe Tony Moly is 92% composed of aloe; the remaining components are betaine and hyaluronic acid

The gel can be used as an effective moisturizer in the morning and evening. It also perfectly heals scratches and burns.

"Aloe" is suitable for any type of skin at any age.

Advantages: universality; instant absorption; softens the skin, tightened after water procedures.

The gel will come to the rescue if you need to refresh the tired skin around the eyes. For this, the cooled mass applied to the cotton wheels should be applied to the eyelids for several minutes.

Disadvantage: not always available on sale, it needs to be ordered in online stores.

  • Nourishing on honey from Greece Fresh Line, from a series of ancient recipes, belongs to elite brands of facial creams without silicone

The cream on honey contains several products of beekeeping: honey, propolis, royal jelly. Bee components not only nourish and moisturize, but also heal the skin, effectively protect it from the effects of free radicals.

A honey remedy is useful for mature skin of the face and neck of all types.

Advantages: 24 hours; pleasantly lays on the skin; removes visible signs of wilting; wrinkles decrease, the skin grows younger and fresher.

Disadvantage: very high price.

  • Lightening 24 hours Age Defy + for pigmented skin

Organic products of this brand can reduce the signs of aging, characteristic for different age periods. Activate the synthesis of collagen.

Extracts of cucumber seeds, silk bark and hibiscus mutually reinforce the action aimed at reducing the production of melanin. The pineapple enzyme gently cleans the surface from peeling. Beech extract stimulates cellular exchange, returning a natural shade to the face.

Creams are for women: from 35; from 40; from 45; from 50 years.

Advantages: high efficiency from hyperpigmentation; naturalness and uniqueness of the composition; good moisturizing, wrinkle removal.

To disadvantages of creams, besides the high price, it is necessary to carry the necessity of parallel use of a protective cream if the skin is exposed to sun rays. This is annotated.

  • The pink Weleda series contains a mosquito rose oil - an excellent regenerating ingredient

The series includes day and night cream-care for smoothing the skin. The composition of both means is identical, the difference is only in consistency: as usual, the medium used at night is slightly thicker.

A rich composition provides natural oils: peach bones, almonds, primroses. These are the substances loved by cosmetologists - for their wonderful moisturizing, softening, smoothing properties.

The outgoing line is addressed to women after 30, when the skin needs, in addition to moisturizing, in the renewal and prevention of wrinkles. Weleda is especially pleasant for too dry skin, in a cold period of time.

Advantages: a lasting sense of comfort; relatively low cost.

Disadvantages: strong aroma; slow absorption.

Inexpensive facial cream without odor

If the makeup is not aromatized, then it still smells raw, which can be neutral, with medical notes, but this is at best. Sometimes the fragrance can be unpleasant and even repulsive. This is unlikely to appeal to consumers, even advocating for all sorts of natural products.

Therefore, the prevailing majority of cosmetic products have gentle and pleasant smells, and each brand succeeds in the search for new fragrant compositions. Often a bouquet of essential oils, which, in addition to the smell, have other useful properties.

No odor can be determined by the absence of the Parfum component. Manufacturers of cosmetics of a class of masses of a market let out inexpensive face creams without a smell.

  • Cream-active "Perfect skin" from acne is created for problem skin

In the formula of the concern "Kalina", zinc, herbal tea and aloe are selected, which can cleanse and soothe the skin, balance the amount of fat formation, narrow the pores, eliminate black dots. The cream is applied to problem areas before and after removal of acne, morning or evening.

"Ideal skin" is intended for young skin, from 18 years of age.

Advantages: gentle texture; absence of flavors; low price.

Disadvantage: poor composition.

  • Cream pre-make-up 20+ from Faberlik ETHNobotany - a special preparation for the skin before using decorative cosmetics

The formula of the preparation is enriched with oils and extracts of plants: macadamia, aci ai, blue lotus. Matiruet, moisturizes, nourishes the skin with nutrients and trace elements, prepares the skin for applying makeup.

Pre-make-up is recommended for young women aged 20+.

Advantages: rapid absorption; comfortable feeling; low cost.

Disadvantages: not described.

  • Home cream for the face without harmful additives universal

It is made from honey (liquid), gelatin and glycerin according to this recipe: equal parts of ingredients are mixed with mineral water or infusion of herbs. If the main substances are measured in teaspoons, then the indicated amount is taken of the liquid components - 5 tablespoons. The mixture is heated in a water bath for 10 minutes without boiling, after cooling to sell to a density.

Home cream is used for saturation with moisture, nutritious and other useful substances of skin of any type and age.

Advantages: natural; ease of manufacture; universality; affordable price of components.

Disadvantage: short shelf life.

Face creams without harmful additives are organic cosmetics: without silicones, parabens, propylene and butylene glycol, mineral oils, phthalates, hormones, fragrances, preservatives, dyes, collagen, triethanolamine, carbomers, PEG, and components tested in experimental animals. It is very popular, but not always available. Therefore, do not be too afraid of "unnatural", but customary traditional cosmetics. The main thing is that there are no dangerous or harmful ingredients in it, and the choice was conscious.


To simplify the perception of information, this instruction for use of the drug "Creams for the face without harmful additives" translated and presented in a special form on the basis of the official instructions for medical use of the drug. Before use read the annotation that came directly to medicines.

Description provided for informational purposes and is not a guide to self-healing. The need for this drug, the purpose of the treatment regimen, methods and dose of the drug is determined solely by the attending physician. Self-medication is dangerous for your health.

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