Свечи от трещины в заднем проходе

Anal fissures are a pathology that patients of all ages face. Consider the main causes of this problem and the best drugs for its treatment.

The crack of the rectum is characterized by a deep rupture of the mucosa. The rupture has a linear form, can appear on the skin of the anus or mucosa of the anal canal. Most often, it occurs in people with chronic constipation and with a sedentary or sedentary lifestyle. The disease is acute, in rare cases, undulating, its duration is about 4 weeks. Refers to pathologies of the rectum and surgical diseases. Most often occurs in women of young and middle age.

The main causes of rectal fissure development:

  • Stagnation of blood, that is, blood flow disorders in the anus.
  • Injuries with frequent constipation, anal sex.
  • Hemorrhoids.
  • Disorders of innervation of the rectum in pathologies of the nervous system.
  • Anatomic features of the structure of the anus.

But most often the disease appears as a result of several causes or factors at the same time.

The main signs of the disorder are pain, which intensify during defecation and are accompanied by the release of blood from the rectum. The proctologist is engaged in diagnosis and treatment of this problem . It is he who, according to the results of the tests, selects effective candles from a crack in the anus, gives recommendations on the dosage and duration of therapy.

Treatment involves a comprehensive approach, which consists of drug therapy, proper nutrition, exercise therapy and hygiene. The main emphasis is on medicamentous drugs, that is, suppositories for alleviating pain and healing damage to the problem area. They include painkillers, spasmolytic and anti-inflammatory substances that accelerate the healing process.

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