General information about hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids - a disease of intellectuals

Hemorrhoids, as they are not called, are a disease of intellectuals, a companion of civilization and even a royal disease.

Myths and truth about hemorrhoids

There are many myths about hemorrhoids, its causes, symptoms, treatment.

What is constipation, constipation statistics

The exact answer to what constipation is is very difficult to find. What is the statistics of constipation and how lonely is the person who suffers from this disease?

Hemorrhoids and constipation in pregnancy

Very often women during pregnancy experience unpleasant feelings from a double problem: hemorrhoids and constipation.

Prevalence of hemorrhoids

Determine how many people suffer from hemorrhoids, it is very difficult, because not all people go to the doctor. For the same reason, it is not so easy to determine the actual prevalence of hemorrhoids in different countries. Doctors do this, relying on official data. And yet, in order to have an idea about this, it is important to get acquainted with the official information about this disease.

What is hemorrhoids?

Although most people think that hemorrhoids are an abnormal phenomenon, it can disturb everyone. This phenomenon, when hemorrhoidal cavernous bodies increased and filled with blood, and then there is pain in the anus. Then hemorrhoids can cause problems and be considered an abnormal condition or disease.

Hemorrhoids and pregnancy

Hemorrhoids in pregnancy - in fact, a consequence of varicose veins around the anus.

How does the rectum work and how does it work?

The rectum is nothing more than one of the main parts of the gastrointestinal tract, which is the last section of the colon.