Symptoms of hemorrhoids

External hemorrhoids in women and men

Hemorrhoids are a common pathology that can cause symptoms, ranging from minimal discomfort or inconvenience to painful pain and significant psychosocial consequences. 

Bleeding from the anus in men and women: causes, treatment

Most people with the appearance of blood in the anus are not rushing to the doctor: too delicate a problem, at first glance. However, it should be borne in mind that bleeding from the anus can be a sign of formidable diseases in which to postpone a visit to a doctor in the literal sense of "death alike".

What is bleeding hemorrhoids?

Bleeding hemorrhoids, or bleeding with hemorrhoids, as it is sometimes called, is generally considered the worst type of hemorrhoid development.

Acute hemorrhoids

Read more on acute hemorrhoids.

Chronic hemorrhoids and its symptoms

Chronic hemorrhoids - a disease that is characterized by pain in the anus, but not always.

Types of hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are divided into types. It can be external, internal, combined. Each of the currents of these types of hemorrhoids is special, and they need to be treated in different ways. There is still acute and chronic hemorrhoids. About them - a special conversation.

What are the symptoms of hemorrhoids?

Many people feel pain in the anus, but can not answer the question of what disease they suffer. What is it, hemorrhoids or, perhaps, a completely different disease? What are the symptoms of hemorrhoids?