Causes of hemorrhoids

Lifestyle and Hemorrhoids

In the last few decades people have been mostly sedentary. In the morning we sat at breakfast, then we pass to your favorite seat of the car, which sticks out for a long time in traffic jams, and in the office we sit in front of the computer. From work we go again by car, and finally, in the evening, at home, after dinner, we like to flop on the sofa to watch TV. And so every day ...

What diseases provoke hemorrhoids?

Who would have thought that the cause of the development of hemorrhoids can be diseases of internal organs. These are the diseases that provoke blood stasis in the veins of the pelvis or veins located in the rectum. What are the other causes of hemorrhoids associated with diseases of the internal organs?

Heredity and hemorrhoids

Heredity and hemorrhoids - how much of this disease can be transmitted from relatives? Similar physical functions, such as hair and eye color, bowel disease and its disorders can be transmitted from generation to generation.

Hemorrhoids and smoking

Smoking can aggravate hemorrhoids and create digestive problems that interfere with hemorrhoid treatment.

Alcohol and hemorrhoids

What is the connection between alcohol and hemorrhoids? Is alcohol can cause hemorrhoids? It turns out that this is a very significant risk factor. It is estimated that 75 percent of people experience symptoms of hemorrhoids at least once in their life.

The role of nutrition in the development of hemorrhoids

What is the role of nutrition in the development of hemorrhoids?

Factors that increase the risk of hemorrhoids

Incorrect intestinal work, physical activity and other circumstances - points of ill-considered lifestyle - may increase the risk of hemorrhoids.

Causes of hemorrhoids

Why do people suffer from hemorrhoids? What are the causes of hemorrhoids? Studies show that hemorrhoids are attributed to several main causes, including increased pressure on the rectum and anal veins, this occurs over time. That's why people in their 50s and older can experience manifestations of hemorrhoids more than anyone in their 20s.