Roads from the coffee grounds - a new environmental solution

Coffee is one of Melbourne's favorite drinks, but in the near future this fragrant drink can turn into a road.
10 June 2016, 10:00

Magnesium will replace lithium in batteries

Researchers from the Institute of Toyota (North America) proposed the creation of batteries based on magnesium.
07 June 2016, 10:30

In San Francisco, "green" energy will become a necessity

Recently, the authorities adopted a decree according to which new buildings should be equipped with solar panels for lighting or water heating of the house.
01 June 2016, 10:30

Construction of thermal power plants to be stopped in China

In China, the government decided to temporarily stop the construction of new coal-fired power plants. In addition, the construction of a part of the thermal power stations that have already received permission for construction will be stopped.
12 May 2016, 10:00

More wild tigers on earth

For the last decades, experts noted for the first time an increase in the tiger population. The World Wildlife Fund recently published its annual report, which noted that the number of tigers living in the wild was growing.
04 May 2016, 09:00

Levi's released jeans from old networks

Environmental problems affect all sectors, and clothing is not an exception. A special achievement here is the jeans brand Levi Strauss & Co, which for several years held a variety of actions and was looking for new ways to improve its products.
01 May 2016, 19:53

Paying for cycling or fighting for clean air

Recently, eco-friendly travel decisions by the Italian authorities have been allocated $ 35 million, some of this amount in Milan intends to use as a payment to those who refuse the car in favor of the bicycle.
27 April 2016, 09:00

Ice wall will help stop radiation from Fukushima

The ice wall, especially under the ground, may seem at first glance to be fantastic, but in reality it represents a technique developed by engineers for drilling tunnels and mining, although initially the scale of such a wall was much smaller.
22 April 2016, 09:00

A bottle of algae is an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic

We are all used to plastic and do not even think about the harm that this unique material does to the environment, for example, ordinary plastic bottles decompose in nature for more than 150 years.
18 April 2016, 09:00

WeFood or food waste control

In Europe, products that do not meet the standards - with damaged packaging, any external defects, with expiring shelf life, etc. - must be immediately sent to garbage containers
17 March 2016, 09:00


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