A new polymer will quickly purify water

Clear water in some areas is a luxury and to make the water more or less suitable for drinking it is most often left in a clear transparent bottle under the sun.

26 September 2016, 09:00

New batteries will work on vitamins

At the University of Toronto, a team of chemists developed a completely new type of battery that can work on vitamins. With the help of genetically modified fungi, scientists produced yarn of vitamin B2, from which they developed a high-capacity battery.

16 September 2016, 09:00

Pig manure will be used for the production of asphalt

A team of researchers from North Carolina has developed a unique way of making asphalt paving. Specialists suggested replacing expensive oil with a cheaper and more affordable option - pig manure.

05 September 2016, 09:00

"Ice bears" instead of air conditioners

One of the California companies decided instead of traditional air conditioners to develop more environmentally friendly and cost-effective ways.

17 August 2016, 11:00

Electric road is being tested in Sweden

In Sweden, just a few days ago, a test plot of a 2-kilometer-long electric road was opened, where electric cars could be connected to an air-grid system similar to that used for light rail transport.
10 August 2016, 09:00

Noise registers will help you find the place of a water supply accident

Now the water distribution system is losing about 30% of clean water due to small breakages, which are easily eliminated, but since the pipes run more often underground, the exact location of the accident is difficult to determine.
21 July 2016, 14:15

1 out of 8 women have difficulty conceiving

A team of specialists from the UK noticed that infertility is a fairly common problem, and most people hide their problems from loved ones and generally prefer not to communicate on this topic.
11 July 2016, 11:45

Solar power plant will produce oil

In the Arab state of Oman, the construction of a solar power plant (SES) has begun, which will not be used in the usual way.
08 July 2016, 09:00

For visiting a new bio-toilet they will pay money

Public toilets, as a rule, are not very clean, but in the territory of one of the South Korean research centers there is a unique "green" toilet for common use, which not only has an attractive appearance, but also helps to earn real money on your own waste of life.
04 July 2016, 11:45

Sea water - a new resource for energy production

One of the leading Japanese universities has developed a new efficient technology that allows to produce hydrogen peroxide, suitable for use in fuel cells.
16 June 2016, 11:00


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