Itching on the skin of the hands and other symptoms: redness, peeling, rash, dryness

In the list of causes of pruritus (including localized on the upper extremities) should be called eczema of the palms (the descriptive term from the Greek. Ekseo - boil up); dry eczema is characterized by itching on the hands and peeling of the skin.

Alternative treatment of cracks in the hands

Treatment of cracks in the hands will be more effective if, along with the use of pharmaceuticals, use the recipes of alternative medicine. They will be especially relevant in case of drying and cracking of the skin of the hands under the influence of negative external factors (sun, wind, cold, household chemicals).

How and what to treat cracks in the hands: healing creams and ointments

The appearance of cracks in the hands of the problem is not only painful, but also quite dangerous. It is inconvenient to treat such wounds, but letting things take their course, expecting that everything will pass by itself, is also risky. After all, the longer the wound heals, the greater the chance of infection penetrating into it. L

Cracks in the arms as a symptom of the disease

Despite the fact that cracks in the hands appear almost always for one reason, due to the dryness of the skin of the hands, the very phenomenon of changes in the characteristics of the skin can be due to many factors, some of which are disorders of the body.

Causes of cracks in the hands

Almost the entire human body is covered with a protective layer that prevents the penetration of bacteria, viruses and other pests. This protective barrier is called skin. Alas, the strength of such a natural barrier, even with proper care, is not as great as we would like.

Itching of the skin between the fingers and toes: causes, types, diagnostics

This is because there are a number of factors that favor the appearance of the disease. If these factors are neutralized or eliminated, then the problem can be disposed of forever

Than to treat an itch between fingers of legs or foots and arms or hand: alternative agents, ointments

For external use, various ointments and creams from the itch between the toes are suitable. For example, if the problem is caused by a bacterial infection, the doctor will prescribe an ointment with an antibiotic - Erythromycin ointment, Levomecol and other similar drugs will perfectly cope with their task.

How to get rid of cracks on the fingers?

Today in dermatology there are more and more problems that are not a separate disease, consisting in the International Classification of Diseases, as a separate disease.

Cracks in the fingers

Quite often, cracks are the result of professional activity, and appear as a result of excessive prolonged contact with the earth, hard water, detergents, reagents.

Stains on the arms and legs of a child and adults: the reasons for the appearance

Symptoms such as red, pink, white, brown and even blue spots on the hands and feet, arise for various reasons.