General information about back pain

Prevention and prognosis of severe back pain

Back pain is considered to be a fairly common symptom that can occur at any age. Most often, they are caused by excessive loads on the spine, which changes its shape and structure, which is reflected in medical diagnoses.

Back pain in women

The difference in male and female physiology leads to the fact that the pain sensations in the back cause a number of specific causes, characteristic only of the fair sex.

Pain points

Diagnostic pain points are symptomatic points, the definition of which can contribute to clarifying or revealing the disease, its location and nature. They need to be distinguished from the diffuse soreness of muscles, subcutaneous tissue, etc.

Pain syndrome

Pain syndrome - an unpleasant, sometimes intolerable, sensation that occurs when irritation (trauma, inflammation) of sensitive nerve endings, embedded in organs and tissues.

The loin hurts: why and what to do?

Muscle fatigue at the end of the day is quite a natural process, especially if the day was associated with heavy physical labor. Most often fatigue hurts the lower back, the muscles of the arms and legs. But there comes such a time when a person starts to notice that the loin hurts and is at rest, while walking the pain intensifies and gives it in the hand, then in the leg. It is becoming more difficult to bend, it is almost impossible to relax the back muscles, even when lying down.

The back aches: what to do or make and to itself to address?

When a doctor is only treated with a single complaint that his back hurts, he can immediately name more than a dozen diseases of various organs and tissues that can hide under such a symptom. Speaking the word "back" we mean a certain part of the body.

Posture disorders

Not everyone has a beautiful royal posture. In our time, when the sedentary lifestyle is becoming more common, every second has a violation of posture. Below are the most common violations of posture in humans.

Stoop and round back

Round back (stoop) - this is the most common deviation, in which there is a pronounced thoracic kyphosis (which captures part of the lumbar spine) and a significant decrease in lumbar lordosis.

Posture: types of posture and stages of development of posture disorders

Since the study of human posture, a large number of its classifications have been proposed (Kasperczyk 2000). One of the first was developed in the second half of the XIX century in Germany. It reflected the trends of the time, and the main criterion for its evaluation was the "military" stance.

Diagnosis of human posture

At the modern level of knowledge, the term "constitution" reflects the unity of a person's morphological and functional organization, reflected in the individual features of its structure and functions. Their changes are the response of the body to the constantly changing environmental factors.