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Diseases of the blood (hematology)

T-cell lymphoma: peripheral, angioimmunoblast, non-Hodgkin's, anaplastic

Cancer is considered one of the most dangerous human diseases. And if you take into account that under the terrible diagnosis there are several types of a deadly disease that have interrupted the lives of many people, then willy-nilly you will become interested in this issue in order to avoid such a fate. 


Plasmacytoma refers to malignant tumors consisting of plasma cells growing in soft tissues or within the axial skeleton.

Aplasia of the bone marrow

The consequence of this disorder is the development of pancytopenia (there is a deficit of all blood cells: leukocytes, erythrocytes, and also platelets). Deep pancytopenia is a life-threatening condition.

Violation of blood clotting

The ability of the blood to clot for various reasons can decrease, leading to severe and deadly coagulopathies.

Hemorrhagic diathesis

The disease is polyethological, complex, and in the absence of treatment can lead to severe and even unpredictable consequences.

Agranulocytosis in children

A very serious disease that is transmitted through an autosomal recessive type of inheritance. This means that both parents of a sick child are healthy people, but at the same time, they find themselves as carriers of a pathological gene.


Leukocytes, as everyone knows, are necessary for the body, as protectors from various foreign bodies that get into the blood and can cause various diseases.


Septicemia in the language of physicians means infection of the blood. The disease occurs due to the ingress of pathogens into the bloodstream.

Hairy cell leukemia

One of the pathologies, which will be discussed in more detail in this article, is hairy cell leukemia - a serious disease, but fortunately is rare.

Follicular lymphoma

The diagnosis is follicular lymphoma. Such an incomprehensible and terrible at first glance disease belongs to the category of the most light and relatively safe pathologies associated with malignant neoplasms.

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